I live in a small town in Pennsylvania.  A lot of people over look my little state when planning their vacations!  But our little state has so much to offer.  Over the next few weeks I am going to tell you about several places that are a must see here in PA!

Up first is the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  So when you think of a zoo I'm sure you just imagine checking out animals from afar.  Which is true in most cases, but not Lehigh Valley zoo, going their is an entire different experience. 

Sometimes you even get to get up close and personal!  We started our day by going into the Kangaroo exhibit.  Yes people I said we went inside.   There is a roped off path, now the kangaroos never got to close to us, but had they wanted to they could!  My kids kept trying to get them to come closer.  I wont lie I'm 31 years old and even I was excited to be that close to a kangaroo!
 After that we got to watch the penguins eat.  

And there was even a speaker teaching us all about them.  When my boys got home last night my hubby got an earful on all things penguins.  So far so good, but the best part was yet to come!

We got to feed the giraffes!!  Yes people we got to go right up to them and feed them!!  Did you know a giraffe has a 18" tongue!

And speaking of feeding we also got to feed the goats, hens and other farm animals.  The kids had a blast doing this

There was a play ground, which I really appreciated.  After walking around to all the exhibits my dad and I needed a little break.  There was lots of places to rest, but my kids were having a go-go-go kind of day.  Another I really appreciated was the fact you never hand to walk far to find a rest room. 
There was so many different kind of animals to see.  And even though we couldn't go into all of their pens like we did the kangaroo we still got really close! 

 This guy (the ostrich) was my favorite!  The bar in front of him, he kept acting like he was eating something off of it!  The more my kids and I giggled the more he did it.  He or she was def. a silly bird!

 We also got a kick out of this guy.  He was actually sitting on his butt with his feet propped out in front of him as he ate!  

The other thing I really liked is my kids were able to interact with a lot of the exhibits.  There was photo opportunities and even fun facts posted about all the animals!   Even I was surprised to learn a giraffes heart is 2 feet!!

 When you are planning your next vacation def. consider this zoo!  You don't just see animals you get to experience them in a whole new way!