Big Hero 6 – The Series: Back in Action now available on DVD

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My little Quinn and I have a movie club.  Every night before bed the 2 of us watch at least 20 minutes of a tv show or movie.  Depending what time we get to bed maybe more.  A few months ago my hubby started to watch movies with us, he couldn't wait for his turn to pick one.  I laughed a little inside, because he didn't realize that him "picking" was really going to be Quinn picking.  My hubby's turn came up and Quinn laid 3 movies in front of him, my hubby told Quinn he didn't want to watch any of them.  Then Quinn explained to him that these 3 movies wouldn't make him afraid to sleep in his own room.  So he picked Mulan, Quinn shook his head and said wrong...  Bewildered, my hubby looked at me.  I just laughed it off.  So next he picked Stitch the movie.  Quinn nicely told him I don't think so.  Finally  my hubby asked Quinn if he wanted to watch the Lion King * only movie left I might add.  Quinn got a huge smile and said sure dad if that is what you want to watch!  At this point my hubby looked angry, confused and a little defeated.  So of course I LOST it laughing.  In went the Lion King half way through Quinn got up pushed stopped and told us that was it for tonight.  Now my hubby who isn't use to watchin movies with Quinn could not believe we just stopped half way though and planned to watch the rest the next day.  He told Quinn this, and in reply Quinn asked him " Do you want me to be tired for school tomorrow dad?  Do you want me to fail my spelling test?  I need sleep dad!"  Unsure how to handle this very logical answer my hubby agreed to watch the rest the next day....  That was the last time he joined us for movie club lol.

I do still enjoy watching movies/tv with my little control freak though.  Which is why I am super excited for us to watch Big Hero 6 - The series!

The adventures continue for tech genius Hiro Hamada and his healthcare companion, the lovable, inflatable Baymax! Picking up right before the end of the film, Hiro thinks Baymax is lost forever, until he finds the chip Tadashi designed to create Baymax. Hiro immediately gets to work rebuilding Baymax, but Hiro’s overconfidence and impatience get him into trouble. The stakes are raised for Hiro, Baymax and their friends – adrenaline junkie Go Go, control freak Wasabi, chem whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred – as they fight to protect San Fransokyo as the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6.

6 Bonus Shorts 
                                                -Baymax and Hiro
                                                -Baymax and Wasabi
                                                -Baymax and Go Go
                                                -Baymax and Fred
                                                -Baymax and Honey Lemon
                                                -Baymax and Mochi