Hershey Park

I was given tickets in exchange for this post.  I was not paid to write this post

Every summer for as long as I can remember my family has gone to Hershey Park.  My mom even has a video of us riding the river canyon ride when I was about 11!  That ride is now gone, but the memory remains.  The reason I love Hershey so much is because it has something for all ages.  I love it just as much at 31 as I did when I was a kid.  Plus there is so many rides that I don't even think it would be possible to ride them all in one day.  And not only do they have a huge regular park, but there is also a BIG water park area too!  So big that I spent most of my day there on Monday.  At 98 degrees I wasn't wondering to far from the water area lol.
There is also games to play, an aquatheater.  An arcade and even a zoo!  You really could make an entire day out of the park!

So every year our day starts by measuring just how tall we got

Not only do the kids get excited to see which rides they will be big enough for this year, but I also like that every year I get a photo keepsake.  My mom still has mine from when I was a kiddo!

A really nice thing about Hershey Park is there is signs every where.  I think it would be almost impossible to get lost.  And there is also a lot of bathrooms.  With 2 little boys that is a must!  Another great thing is all the shade areas.  When my boys are on rides I tend to just watch.  It is nice to have an area to stand where I'm not baking in the sun.  And speaking of kids rides there is so many to choose from!  My oldest is at that odd stage, to big for the real little rides, but not quite ready for the coasters.  I love that Hershey Park has rides perfect for that between age.

If you have kids I'm sure you that they need to play games right away!  And of course they win so you are left dragging around their prize all day!
At this point I was all but dying from the heat so we headed to the waterpark.  Hershey has very affordable lockers that I can put my stuff in.  I like that I got two wrist bands, that way in case I lost mine my hubby had his.
The water park is beyond epic!  There is a wave pool, a lazy river, several slides and even a water coaster!

We spent 4 hours in the waterpark and still didn't get to go on everything!  

If you are looking for a great place to vacation this summer you def. want to check out Hershey Park!  And if you don't live in pa like I do they have an awesome hotel and spa!  You can make an entire weekend out of it.

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