Disclaimer I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.
When I first started to date my hubby (2005!!!) he would never  take off his shoes!  At 17 I thought this was so weird.  Here we were hanging out sitting on the bed watching tv and he had his shoes on?  A few years later he got comfortable and started to take them off, I wish he would have kept them on lol
He feet smelled so bad!  His socks smelled and so did his shoes.  His feet would sweat a lot and of course if left an order on his shoes and socks.  Fast forward several years later and it seems our boys have he same issues.  They have 101 products for sweaty pits, but nothing for feet.  Then I was contacted by CARPE.  An antiperspirant for hands and feet!  Why didn't I know about this product before?!?!

 Carpe makes a powerful over-the-counter antiperspirant hand and foot lotion that is gentle enough for everyday use. It reduces embarrassing hand and foot sweat (as well as foot odors) that are prevalent among kids, particularly those approaching puberty. As a matter of fact, Carpe was developed by two college buddies who suffered from embarrassing sweat issues in high school. Of course, Carpe isn't JUST for teens and tweens with severe sweat. 

Other uses include: 
As a foot antiperspirant for use with athletic shoes or flats (goodbye blisters!) 
As a targeted antiperspirant for specific problem areas like the chest 
As a grip aid for golfers, tennis players, weight lifters, and more 

Carpe is sold over-the-counter at CVS locations nationwide for $14.95. It is also available at or

Okay so here are my thoughts.  The product really does work!  My son has a 2 hours soccer practice and his feet don't get anywhere near as soggy as they use to.  Don't get me wrong there is still some sweat, but it doesn't stink.  When you first put this product on there is a bit of a smell.  I kind of reminded me of rubbing alcohol, but after a minute or 2 that smell went completely away.  
My son does have a long practice and the product never wore off.  I didn't test it yet to see how long it would last, but I have a feeling it would be awhile.

I am in love with this product and I know I'm going to be buying it over and over again.  I may even get an extra bottle just to store in my boys sports bags/gym bags.