Water Melon Ball JR

Disclaimer:   I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.
I use our pool for the sole purpose of cooling of on these hot summer days.  I would be content to just lay back and relax.  My boys on the other hand like to splash water, throw balls and play shark like games.  So 9 times out of 10 I end up playing to!  If you can't beat them just join them lol

We just recently found  a new way to enjoy our pool and that is with the Water Melon Ball Jr
So to start you fill your ball with water.  Yes you heard me water!   There is a special tool included so you can do this.  This gives the ball the weight it needs.  So I do want to mention here you need to get the water just right.  Ours like kept floating, it never went to the bottom.  So I put in more water and it worked perfectly!

Get your UNDERWATER game on! The Watermelon Ball JR is neutrally buoyant and looks, feels, and behaves like a real watermelon in water! You can dribble, kick, pass and easily intercept the Watermelon Ball JR - even under water! Play Watermelon Ball versions of basketball, soccer, keep-away and more! Pass up to 10 feet underwater and even bounce the Watermelon Ball JR off pool walls for trick passes and winning moves!

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