Ware Pet Products

I was given products in this post for he purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this post
You most likely already know I love my 3 pups.  They mean us much to me as my two human kids.  I once even told my hubby if I had to choose between saving his life or Loki's it would be Loki...  What you may not know about me is I have 3 rats!!
And here is the guy that started it all

My BooBear, I wont lie at first I was scared of him.  But after spending just one minute in his presence I was in love.  I drove an hour to get him.  On the way home he sat on my sister's lap just staring at us!  Once we got home he fell in love with my dog Loki and the have been BFF'S ever since.  BooBear plays, cuddles and even gets excited of treats.  But my Boo was lonely so I had to get him a friend
The white rat sleeping in Boo's turtle bed is Peanut.  Peanut was a feeder rat I saved from a horrific death.  At first Peanut didn't understand being pet, having a safe dry place to sleep or even what it meant to be loved.  Boo taught him and no Peanut is my most affectionate rat.

We were happy, but one day Quinn my youngest son started to ask for a rat.  
Thus Simba joined our happy little family.  Now Simba likes lots of attention and is hyper.  His favorite game is wake up his brothers and run away!  He steals stuff from me (like if I have him out and try to read, he rips my book away!!!)  Like I said he likes to have the attention all on him.

Like my pups my rats enjoy being pet and cuddled, the like treats and toys.  And just like my pups the give 10times the love they get.  
 I loved Ware Pet Products, because they have all the products the smallest members of my family need.
  • The Kapok Build-a-Series (Kapok Build-a-Bed + Kapok Build-a-Hut + Kapok Build-a-Nest) from WARE Pet Products is the softest bedding created to keep small animals SO cozy. Eco-friendly, the packaging for these actually transforms into the product itself...turning into a bed, a hut or a nest. Each product is printed with vegetable based inks making this product convertible, efficient and safe to chew. Comes in 3 choices
    • Kapok Build-a-Bed
    • Kapok Build-a-Hut
    • Kapok Build-a-Nest 

  • Critter Crackers are a 3-pack of wholesome chews, made from high fiber timothy hay, offers a terrific and healthy option for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small animals. 
    • Critter Crackers-Ocean Friends
    • Critter Crackers-Safari Friends

  • The Chill Stone is made of a chew proof dolomite that helps to keep small animals and critters cool and comfortable and is MUCH lighter than the typical granite. This is really important!  Over the summer I used cold water bottles, but this flat stone is so much easier for them to lay on and keep cool
    • Chill Stone  (the photo below is not of a rat, I just wanted to show you can use these products for other small animals as well)

  • The Health-E Collection of healthy chews for small animals are wholesome and adorable chew they'll love.

  • The products above are just a few of the many offered by Ware Pet Products!