Your Money, Your Marriage The Secrets to Smart Finance, Spicy Romance, and Their Intimate Connection By Cherie and Brian Lowe

Book Description

God’s vision for your marriage is far more than mediocre, and money and sex are two of the most common tension points. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In Your Money, Your Marriage, Brian and Cherie Lowe offer straight talk and power principles for getting your finances back on track so you can get back to your romance. Take it from them—the Lowes worked off $127,000 in debt in just four years, and emerged not only financially free but better together.

Join Cherie, personal finance blogger at Queen of Free, and Brian, family law attorney who’s seen it all when it comes to marital money struggles, in this journey to help you and your spouse go from different books to the same page. Through candid and hilarious stories, fresh ideas and practices, and a few winks along the way, Brian and Cherie reveal the secrets to “financial foreplay” able to help every couple thrive together in finance and romance alike.

You’ll learn how to:

Develop “passionate patience” with each other toward a shared financial goal
Identify unhealthy financial habits
Save smart on date nights
Sort through misaligned expectations as a couple
Beat the comparison game
Cultivate a stronger relationship on a budget of zero dollars

Couples share much more than a bank account or even a bedroom—they share a sacred union. Imagine what your marriage could be if you could put cash conflict behind you. Your Money, Your Marriage is an invitation to find out, and to thrive together.

I never thought money would be one of the woes in my marriage....  It turned out to be the biggest.  Sometimes it can feel like I'm the only one having this issue, but this book Your Money, Your marriage made me realize i'm not!  I love the realistic down to earth way the book is presented ( I don't feel like I'm being put down)  I love that this couple is related able and have gone through the issues so they can give a first hand experience on how to get out.  And the book is funny, I never thought I could giggle when reading about something so serious  But I did!!
A must read for all couples!