Hersheypark in the Dark

I was given tickets in exchange for this post.
If you happen to be in PA you so need to check out our HersheyPark!
It is an epic amusement park that is great for the whole family.   A really nice thing about HersheyPark is there is signs every where.  I think it would be almost impossible to get lost.  And there is also a lot of bathrooms.  With 2 little boys that is a must!  Another great thing is all the shade areas.  When my boys are on rides I tend to just watch.  It is nice to have an area to stand where I'm not baking in the sun.  And speaking of kids rides there is so many to choose from!  My oldest is at that odd stage, to big for the real little rides, but not quite ready for the coasters.  I love that HersheyPark has rides perfect for that between age.  

And just when I thought they couldn't get any better I just discovered Hersey Park in the Dark
Hersheypark In The Dark event is open, don't miss the 9 sweetest days of Halloweeeeee! Enjoy more than 50 rides including 13 coasters, 13 candy stops on the Trick Or Treat Trail, and so much more! Open weekends through November 4.  Plus you can also visit Zoo America.  It is included in your park ticket.  The Park is all done up in it cool Halloween glory!  And if you are like me, summer is horrible, I hate the heat.  I love that HersheyPark in the Dark is in the fall!  I can actually enjoy myself without melting!  My boys had a blast and got to go on all their favorite rides

 Here are the boys posing at Zoo America

 They went on the Trick or Treat trail (and yes trick or treating at Hersey Park is epic!!  What can I say they give the best candy lol)

And of course the rides!!!  They have rides for all ages and ones you can even enjoy as a family.  We didn't get a chance to eat yesterday at the park, but have in the past.  I can tell you the food is so good and there is so many choices of places to eat.

And yesterday we discovered a whole new way to enjoy our time in Hershey!  My sister in law got us all tickets to make our own chocolate bar in Chocolate World!  We got to pick our own filling, chocolate type and even got to design our boxes!
This was our first time doing this, but my boys are already begging to do it again!  It was so much fun, the next time you are in Hershey I def. recommend it :)