The Atari Home Arcade

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for he purpose of review.

I remember as a kid I never minded going to the mall with my mom because our mall had a huge arcade.  My brother and I use to get in there with our saved up allowance, turn those dollars in to quarters and spend hours playing games.  It was the best, sadly that arcade and all the others seem to be a thing of the past.  And I always thought it stunk that my boys would never get to enjoy games the way I once did.
But thanks to the all new The Atari Home Arcade my boys can now enjoy the games vintage styled just like I did!
So let me get a few of my facts out of the way before I tell you all about the product.
It was super easy to build, I asked my hubby to start putting it together when I took the boys to Church.  I came home and thought I would have to help him finish.  Thankfully he was already done and said it only took about 20 mins to put together.

I love the screen size!  I thought for sure after playing games on our big screen this would be to small for my boys, but it was just right!

At first the control as a bit confusing, but after a few plays you get the hang of it.

It isn't light weight, so I don't need to worry about it getting knocked over all the time.  It is light enough that I can move it, but not so light that my boys can bump it over.  And the cord is long!  My boys room has limited outlet so it was important the cord be long enough to reach!

Now I have seen these in many stores, but I was happy to get mine from Hammacher and Schlemmer.  The are a store I have trusted for many years now that always provide me with top quality products and service.

So now you have my facts, lets take a look at the product facts provide by the store itself.

This is the Atari arcade cabinet that delivers a classic arcade experience at home. It evokes the pinnacle of arcade gaming during the 1980s with authentic artwork and nostalgic game play without the nuisance of a coin door. A 17" flat-screen LCD displays the pre-installed games’ two-dimensional graphics and colors, while a 3-watt speaker plays accompanying retro sound effects. Select Asteroids cabinet (with a knob wheel control and Asteroids, Tempest, Major Havoc, and Lunar Lander games) or Centipede cabinet (with a trackball control and Centipede, Crystal Castles, Millipede, and Missile Command games). Ages 14 and up. AC plug. Assembly required. 48 3/4" H x 22 3/4" D x 19" W. (58 1/2 lbs.)
Oh and I want to mention it comes with a lifetime guaranteed.