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Every year I can't wait to see what the "it" toy is going to be.  I'm not going to lie a few years ago when those fingerlings were so popular I did not see that coming!  We do own one, that my son still plays with, so in hindsight I get it now!
The year I have a feeling that Rizmo is going to be the "it" toy!  I'm an adult and even I'm excited for it to evolve so my boys can see who we got.

What is Rimzo you may be asking?

Rizmo is the first-ever "Evolving Toy" that listens, learns, remembers and grows. Rizmo, whose name is a mix of Rhythm and Monster(how stinking cute is that!), is in search of love, music, and dance.  As kids interact, cuddle, sing and play with Rizmo they will be surprised to experience the evolution of Rizmo over time as it grows & evolves.
Kiddos have to watch Rizmo's eyes to try and figure out what he/she needs.  Green eyes mean cuddles, yellow means times to sing and other colors have other meanings.
Light blue eyes mean Rizmo wants you to play, I love this function the best because it challenges kiddos and keeps that engaged.
There is just so many was to play Rizmo that will keep kids entertained!