CBD Living

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own.

 Does anyone else feel like waving a little white flag right now and just crawling into bed to hibernate until this virus scare is over. I do and I feel like things just keep getting harder. My two major stresses right now is home schooling my boys. I think my kiddos think I'm uneducated and don't believe me when I help them with an answer. And my 2nd big stressor. my hubby is losing work hours. His income is our main income, him losing hours is really hurting.
 But hibernating for the next couple of weeks isn't an option so we have to keep plowing through.  One thing I have been forgetting to do is taking care of myself. Yesterday I woke up with the sun and didn't crawl into bed until 11pm. I was tired, my head hurt and my back ached. I promised myself today would be my day and so far it has been (well mostly, pets and kids still have to eat and school still needs to get done.)
 But I made it mostly about me and did a little pampering. I'm still tired and my back still aches, but at least now I feel refreshed. A little self loves goes a long way. I cannot be the best me, unless I look after myself. I use to feel guilty about me days, but the truth is I need them. To be a good wife and mom I need to sometimes look after me too.

 So wondering what my "Me Day" included? Well after I took care of the pets I crawled back into bed and took a 2 hour nap! It was lovely. And I told the boys today was a cereal day, not only can they serve themselves, but they can also wash a bowl and spoon. Whoot no dishes and cooking for this lucky mama. 
Now the real pampering begain thanks to the products I received from CBD Living. 

Before I start my review I want to mention all the products in this post use nano broad spectrum CBD Hemp extract. This helps to utilize skin retention. The nano technology helps to make CBD work better. Next I noticed all these products are made in the USA! For me that is a huge perk, I love supporting companies that are based right here in the USA. A few other fun facts is there is no THC, they are all non gmo, they all use natural ingredients and are all cruelty free. 

Okay so the kids are fed and I'm ready to start my me day. After a little bit of meditating, I took a nice long bubble bath, yes you read that right a bubble back at 8:30am. Today's bubble bath was extra nice thanks to the Zenful Amber Bergamot bath bomb I received from CBD Living. 

So the very first thing I noticed was the smell. It is a bath product so of course smell was my #1 priority lol. And let me say it smells amazing! There was not an over powering perfume smell, it was just a nice almost fruit like smell. My son claims I smelled like orange cream sicle after my bath. And it is several hours later and I still can smell it on my skin. Again not an over powering smell, just a nice subtle smell. Oh and yes my skin did feel amazing after my bath. 

So to really make my bath extra special I added some CBD massage & body oil to the water. 

I've been washing my hands like crazy lately so they have been so dried out. Plus I spend a good chunk of my day outside taking care of my livestock. My skin is exposed to the elements a lot. And the elements have been taking their toll. The extra oil was so nice to my dried out skin. So there was no smell. I liked that, it means I can use other products without worrying about scents not complimenting each other. This product can also be used as massage oil, and as a way to give your skin an extra boost of moisture. I personally like to use it during a bath so it gets spread easily. Oh and it has sweet almond oil! I use this product is so many of my homemade beauty products, it is great for skin and beauty routines, I was so excited to see it was part of this oil. Hemp seed oil and sweet almond oil left my skin feel so soft.

 So I used my refreshing coconut lime soap last night.

 I didn't want the amber bergamot soap and coconut lime to mix. So last night before bed I used my coconut lime soap, and the entire time I kept thinking about the beach! My sun block smells like coconut. Just like the bath bomb the scent was not over the top, it was sweet and subtle. I loved that it gave a great creamy texture, and it is vegan free and very gentle on skin. Like most people I have some uneven skin tones, and I swear I think it even lightened them! I don't want to say 100%, but my skin def. looked healthier after my bath. 

Well as I mentioned earlier my skin is dried out and needs all the help it can get. CBD living lotion is just what my skin needed. 

We have all used lotions before that have left us feeling greasy afterwards. That is so not the case with CBD living lotion, I feel like my skin absorbed it almost instantly! Leaving behind no greasy feeling. Not only that but my skin felt so soft after just one use and it even had a healthy glow. And I know I'm not a doctor, but I think my hands even felt better after rubbing this in! That constant ache, from always working, eased just a bit. I reviewed the lavender scent and I loved the smell. I have lavender in my garden so I'm all for anything lavender. It is just such a relaxing scent. 

And last, but not least is the CBD Living Lip balm

This one is my favorite! I have been using it everyday since it arrived. So I reviewed the cherry scented lip balm. The second I took the cap off I could smell the sweet cherry smell. It made me think of my nanny's house when I was a kid, she would always make us kids cherry koolaid! I love that smell and that is what this lip balm reminded me of :). And my lips feel amazing since using it! They are so soft and the lip balm goes on smoothly, not clumps or stickiness at all. And it lasts a long time (unless I eat then I need to reapply.) I put it on before bed and in the morning my lips are still smooth. 

I really needed a "Me Day" and thanks to CBD Living I feel pampered and refreshed.