The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this book for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own.
Several months ago we built a new barn for my chickens.  Even though we followed all the safety precautions my sister's boyfriend still got hurt.  Nothing major, a sheet of metal sliced his finger.  It was a bit of a walk back to my house, I quickly ran over and grabbed a huge leaf off a lamb's ear plant I saw earlier.  I thrust it at him and told him to wrap his finger.  He gave me a bewildered look and said no.  After a minute he took the lambs ear and wrapped it around his finger.  And was impressed it contained the blood until we got to my house.  At which point in time I had him clean his hand and I then had him rub a mixture of my lavender/tea tree oil on the cut.  
My sister called me a few hours latter giggling, because she said her bf felt like he went to a witch doctor.  But he was curious about the stuff I used.  I was excited to share what I knew, but kind of bummed because I also know there was so much more.

You see a few years ago..  well okay it has been more then a few.  A long time ago I was on all sorts of medication for anxiety, depression, IBS and heartburn.  But they made me sick, I had headaches all the time and my stomach always hurt.  How is it possible something that was suppose to make me feel good, made me feel bad?
  I knew there had to be a better way.  Please don't think I am judging you if you take medicine the doctor prescribes, it was just no longer for me.
With in a few months of doing some research I was off all my medicine!  All of it!  I still get a normal headaches and of course I get upset stomach from time to time (hot wings are my weakness), but I no longer turn to the stuff the doctor prescribed me.
 I now go to God's medicine cabinet.  I was amazed once I started, just how many natural remedies were in my back yard!  I feel like I could spend the rest of my life learning something new.  And not only was it exciting because I was learning, but also because I found a better way.  I was taking back control of my life.  I knew 100% what was going into my body.  From that point I started to raise my own chickens for better safer eggs,  I started my own garden.  Well gardens ones with veggies, fruit (bushes and trees), herbs and I even have a medical garden.  In the next few years I also want to get into bee keeping and have been begging my hubby for a milk cow!  That one is going to take a bit of convincing lol.  I got rid of most of my cleaners and started to make my own.  I even began to make my own beauty products.  Knowing what chemicals were going into and onto my family became my passion.  I wanted to do better, I wanted to be better.  I wanted more then what was currently being offered to us, and who would have known that less really is more!

Even though I have been doing this for quite a long time there is always something new to learn.  As I said before I could spend my entire life learning something new.  And I even forgot some of the stuff I knew.  
The other day I was given a precious gift to review on my blog.  The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

The Lost Book of Remedies guides you through each step of how you can take advantage of the earth’s natural healing powers and its medicinal plants. You'll be able to easily flip through the book looking for a specific plant or find out what plants are growing in your area. The index of the book is setup to make it easy to search by your specific problems, ailments or needs. The reason it’s titled “the Lost Book” is because so many of these techniques have been forgotten with the rise of modern science. The herbs, remedies, and ingredients that were used are also not as widespread and common as they were before. This book is not only serves as a guide to better overall health, but also as a means of preserving these important natural healing techniques that have been proven over time. With the use of The Lost Book of Remedies, you will learn about every medicinal plant, how to grow them, and how to extract its medicinal power. The book takes you back in the day when people relied on medicinal plants to cure all kinds of ailments.

My review:
  I feel like it was all the stuff I want to know put into one book!  I live in PA and have dandelions all over my yard.  Most people see these and think eww weeds.  I see so much more.  I see oils, salads, jellies and honey. I see medicine for my stomach, my eyes, liver and so much more.  But here is the thing, even though I already knew all of this The Lost book of Herbal Remedies taught me so much more.  And this is just about the dandelion!  

After flipping through the pages of this book I walked into my yard with all new eyes.  I was seeing possibilities everywhere.  

So lets cover a few things I love about this book.  
1)  There is so much information!  I have been going through this book for a few days now and still no where near the end.  
2) And speaking of information, I love that it is all relevant.  At first I thought for sure that I was going to have to go buy a bunch of seeds to grow the plants in the book.  I was wrong, so far I been able to find most of the stuff right in my back yard!  There is a few I will have to grow (or already have in my garden)  But most of it is already provided by mother nature.
3) The book is easy to read.  Sometimes when I go to the doctor I walk out feeling more lost then when I went in.  This book is so real and gets right to the point, I feel like I'm chatting with an old friend as I go through the pages.  As you saw in my story above I used the term Lamb's ear.  I don't think that is the real name, but a name most people use.  I love that in the book it is not only referred to by its real name, but also gives several other names that people may know it by.  Again it feels like I'm chatting with a friend.
4)  The pictures may be my favorite feature.  

You can describe something to me 100 times and unless you show me a photo I will have no clue what you are talking about.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this book has hundreds of photos and a verbal description.  For example: I'll use lambs ear again.  So you can look at the photo, but you wouldn't be able to tell the plant is soft and fuzzy just from a photo.  Well the authors of this book also include verbal cues to let you know what to feel for or smell.  
At first I downloaded this book my computer.  After my first adventure outside I realized my mistake.  I wanted to take the photos with me and compare them up close.  So I redownloaded it onto my kindle.  I highly recommend having a physical copy of this book or downloading it onto something you can carry with you.  The photos in this book really and truly make it a priceless tool to be used when identifying plants.
5)  It has recipes, and how to's for everything in the book.  The first several pages are about tinctures, salve making, tea and so much  more.  This book doesn't just say oh hey you can make things and leave it at that.  No it actually walks you through how to make it.  
6)  So the front has a big table of content making this book so easy to navigate.  The other day I was gifted chamomile, a lot of chamomile.  After making my sleep pillows and putting some away for tea I still had so much left.  Instead of scrolling through all the pages I used the table of content and was there in 2 seconds!  
7) So when I do go to lets say chamomile, there is a list of what it can treat.  And how to use it.  Chamomile can be used as an eyewash for pinkeye.  Well obviously I'm not going to shove the chamomile flower into my eye LOL.  This book tells me to turn it into a tincture (again the book even tells you how to make this!) and then adding a few drops of that into boiling water.  It then tells me what other herbs I can combine it with if I feel inclined to do so.  And pink eye with chamomile is just one of the many ailments it talks about.  There is stuffed mentioned that I never thought all natural medicine could help.
8)  This one is my hubby's favorite, most ingredient in this book are free!  You will have to sometimes buy carrier oils or something small, but most of the stuff grows right in your backyard.  

I could literally go on and on and on about all the great qualities of this book.  It really is a wealth of information and worth having on any bookshelf.  If you are just starting out or if you have been doing it for a long time you will learn something you never knew before.  If you are ready for a better way, if you are done putting chemicals into your body please check out this book.  You wont regret it!
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