AYO Yogurt

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review

I'm not a big morning breakfast eater.  Not that I don't like breakfast, I love it.  We even do breakfast for dinner at my house and call it 'brinner'.  But I have a bad habit of being in a rush in the morning and skip breakfast.  By 11 I regret it when my stomach is cramping and I cannot focus on anything other then how hungry I am lol.  Which normally means I make an unhealthy food choice!  It a vicious cycle, y'all.
Lately though I have been grabbing  yogurts in the morning.  They are quick, filling and I don't  need to cook anything.  
This week I just discovered a brand new yogurt company AYO Yogurt.  What makes them stand out from others you may be wondering?

  They use organic almond milk in their yogurt!! 

 I like having a dairy free option.  Don't get me wrong I like my dairy, but I love when a healthier choice is offered.

I have been using almond  milk in my recipes for years now (one day I'll share my almond milk waffle recipe), it only makes sense I start eating products that are almond milk based!!
So the texture isn't like regular yogurt.  It more like a French yogurt, when eating it I kept thinking "wow this is so creamy."  This texture is created from the high-fiber, low sugar recipe.  
The taste is so good, I can tell wholesome ingredients go into this yogurt.

It is probiotic, nutrient rich, plant based and vegan friendly.  

Not a fan or just eating a yogurt cup?  That is okay, you can use it as a dip or even a smoothie base.  My boys even mix it with their granola.  I was able to try peach, strawberry, blueberry and vanilla.  Each had its own unique flavor.

And what make me love this product even more is the fact it is a family ran company.  The owner, Matt, has spent his life on the farm and for generations has been perfecting his craft.  The legacy started in 1913, that is over 100 years of love going into this family farm! 

 Now he has handed down this knowledge to his own children.  
I live on my own little farm, and I can tell you it is an amazing feeling  to show you kids how to garden and take care of animals.  A lot of lessons can be learned.

I love that Matt has turned his farm into a family business.  A whole lotta love goes into his product.

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