Kaskey Kids Sports Action Figures

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I remember when I was little one of my favorite games was restaurant.  My dad found me a little tea set at a yard sale, I would love pretending to take his order and serving him pretend food on my little dishes.  I remember giggling when my dad would pretend the food was too hot, or if he would complain I messed up his order.  Looking back I love my dad even more, because there is no way a 30something man liked having 5 tea parties a day!  
My dad set the bar pretty high when it came to parenting.  I'm now in my 30's and have two little boys.  And unlike my sophisticated tea parties, they want me to play in the mud!  Or throw baseball until my arms hurt.  Where do kids get all their energy lol???
I figured out a long time ago though, my boys don't care what we are doing as long as we are doing it together.  My time is the most precious gift I can give to them.

Because of the current situation we have been spending a lot more time at home.  And unlike my kids, my energy level isn't at a constant 100.  I needed some indoor sitting down activities for them.  A few weeks ago I stumbled across the website Kaskey Kids.  All their toys are sports related and encourage kids to use their imaginations.  

I was able to pick two sets, a football field with players and a basketball court with players.  I love that it truly does encourage kids to play their way.  For example my oldest son is 12.  He is really into football, his fantasy team took 3rd place this year.  When we are watching games on tv he knows when they are set up for a pass or run play (I have no clue until the play starts lol).  He really loves the sport, last year my entire family chipped in to get him season tickets to Penn State. I though he was going to faint when we gave them to him.

  When he plays with the football set he likes to set up his favorite plays from past real games.  

He then makes me watch as he reenacts the play. After he is done showing me the play he does it again and tells me "well if this guy would of did this..." or "if he would of turned this way instead of that..."  He can spend hours doing this!  He even does instant replays to see if someone was out of bounds or not.  I'm the official ref so I get to make the finally call.  I'm also one of the fans so my son makes me yell at myself when I make a bad call 😅
The past few times we played games.  He got out his dice and started at the end zone.  You have 4 rolls (4 downs) to get a touch down.  A 2 equaled 20 yards, a 4 equaled 40 ect.  After you scored you got to roll for an extra point.  If the defense rolled higher it was blocked.
And he came up with this game all on his own!!  As I said I really love how this game promotes imagination. 

My younger son got the basketball court set.  You may not know this, but I have watched Space Jam 500billion times with my youngest son.  If anyone knows Michael Jordan, please tell him his biggest (little) fan lives in PA.  Quinn sets up his court and each player has one job... Get the ball to Mike lol 
Every players has a different voice.  I'm not going to lie I lose it when he pretends to be Lola bunny.
The basketball set even comes with a little ball and two hoops!  Quinn hasn't come up with any other way to play yet.  And I have a feeling my little Michael Jordan fan may just keep pretending his court is from the Space Jam movie!  When I play with Quinn my job is just to laugh and cheer on Michael. 

I really do  love that both sets encouraged my boys to use their imagination.  And they both play in different ways.  I have a feeling more ways to play are yet to be discovered by them.  The courts/fields are pretty cool looking and the players are in different poses, which makes playing even better.  It all comes in a nice carrying case making it super easy to keep all the parts together and to also take with us.  The basketball and football are only 2 of the sets offered by Kaskey Kids.  They also have baseball, hockey and soccer. And they come in different colors.  

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