KEABABIES Explorer Diaper Backpack

Can you keep a secret?  I'm going to be an auntie again!!  And it is my sisters first baby. I love all my nieces and nephews, but growing up I took on more of a mom role in my sister's life.  We are now best friends, but our bond is special.  And I love all my nieces and nephews, but I have a feeling this little one is going to have a very special place in my heart.

With that being said I am going to be the best auntie ever!  My sister is only due January 22nd, but I have already started to buy stuff for the baby.  The only time I have been excited is when I was pregnant with my own kiddos.

So I remember 2 things that no one prepared me for when I was pregnant.  The explosive diaper, dear lord where does it all come from!  And the fact I would have to travel with no less then 3billion pounds worth of stuff.  I do not miss trying to fit everything into my diaper bag and trying to arrange it all so that items would be easy to locate.  Even though my boys are only 9 and 12 something better has since come out.

The Explorer Diaper Backpack.  There is a place for everything, I mean really guys as an organization junkie this diaper backpack has a literal place for everything!
With 17 storage pockets and 6 zipper compartments, it also comes with a large diaper changing mat and two stroller hooks to easily attach the backpack to your stroller. 
No digging around trying to find a bottle of favorite toy.  There is a storage pocket for all your baby needs.

So lets talk about all the things I like about this bag:  
It looks super trendy.  

Honestly I could see my sister using this as a backpack even after she no longer has a need for a diaper bag.  Plus the material is easy to clean.  And feels durable enough so my sister can take it with them on whatever adventure they choose to go on.

Did I mention the compartments!

  17 pockets, 6 zipper compartments, a changing pad and there is even isolation type material where your bottles go to keep them the perfect temp.   And and the diaper area in the back can fit the changing pad,6 diapers and 2 changes of clothing.  Talk about space :)!
3 insulated pockets for hot/cold bottles (fits large milk bottles) 2 large side pockets 2 mommy pockets for keys and stuffs Quality zippers & sturdy straps (Tried & tested: No breakage) Fits laptop up to 15" Dedicated diapering compartment and back cushion for support.
Not only can you wear the backpack on your back, but the stroller hooks make it perfect for hands free carrying as well.

Oh and it is so versatile.  I remember my hubby never wanted to carry my green Winnie the pooh bag. The KEASBABIES Explorer Diaper backpack is great for moms or dads! 

I have no cons for the  Explorer Diaper backpack.  The only thing that could possible make it better is if it learned how to change those explosive diapers we talked about early lol.

I am impressed and super proud to be able to gift this bag to my sister!