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Plastic Free July, or PFJ for short, is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, air and communities. Participate in Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastic products!  I'm all about using reusable products.  My boys are totally those kids at school with the reusable sandwich containers and the metal canisters in their lunch boxes.  For me,leaving as little of a carbon footprint on this world as possible is a passion.  One I wish others would share.
It can be tough to figure out where to start, so let me share a few ideas to at least reduce your throw away plastic use:
1) Ditch those sandwich bags, start using reusable containers and even reusable snack bags.
2) Reusable bottles are all the rage right  now.  And with products like the FluidStance's Fillup it is just a smart switch to make.  Not only do these stainless steal products keep your drinks cold, but you will be making a difference!  And since we are talking about drinks, say no to throw away straws and get yourself some reusable ones.  They have plastic, silicon and even metal ones.
3) This one is just for the ladies, but consider using reusable sanitary products for that time of the month. I wont lie this was my hardest switch.  Honestly I made the change kicking and screaming.  I thought for sure it was going to be.... well quite frankly I thought it would be gross.  And the first few times it was, but then like everything else I just got use to it.  It became the new normal and its a choice I wish I would have made a long time ago.  It does take a bit more work on my part, but my cramps have decreased by a lot, I save money each month and I have peace of mind that I'm not adding to the problem.
4) Just say no to those plastic bags at the store.  Take your own reusable bags that not only help reduce the waste we make, but are also so much studier then the throw away ones the store provides.  We have all been the victim of a ripped plastic bag.
Not sure which company is right for you? I personally LOVE my Lotus Trolley Bag set! 

The Lotus Trolley Bag is a set of four reusable shopping bags that spreads open in your cart to keep you organized as you shop. It even includes an insulated bag to keep frozen items cold and special pockets to protect delicate items like egg cartons and wine bottles. Lotus Organic Cotton Produce Bags are BPA free, food safe and washable. Use these produce bags in the produce aisle to save your fruits and veggies and the planet from harmful single-use plastic.  And come on look at the photo above, I feel like I have the trendiest shopping bag when I go into a grocery store!
They are so easy to use I simply put them on my cart and shop as normal. I love that it keeps everything separated.  I am so that person that smashes their bread with something heavy, the separate bags helps me to be more mindful of what I am putter where.  When I'm all done I unload my cart and the cashier reloads my Lotus Trolley Bag for me.  They are really sturdy, so I normally don't have to worry about to much going into one bag.  I just can't make it to heavy or I'll never be able to carry it!  I also like the fact that after I get home and put everything away these roll back up and take up hardly any room in my car!  I lug around all my boys sport equipment, car space is limited.
And not Only does Lotus Trolley Bag offer these amazing reusable bags, but they also have reusable produce bags.  

5) This one may just be the most important.....  Teach your kiddos a better way.  Our world cannot keep taking the environmental beating we are giving it.  We all have a choice to make, we can be part of the solution or part of the problem.  And like all things, teaching the next generation a better way is a must.

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Ready to make the switch?  Do I got some exciting news for you.

Lotus Trolley Bag has joined forces with three other eco-conscious companies for a month-long Plastic Free July campaign to raise awareness about single-use plastics. Reusable products have been showcased, especially as the world has seen its environmental impact drastically reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lotus Trolley Bag’s set of four reusable trolley bags and reusable produce bags combats single-use plastic waste, streamlines grocery shopping and has eliminated the need to use 414 million plastic bags in just three years. Joining Lotus Trolley Bag are Klean Kanteen, Eco Lunchbox and Khala Company 

These companies have joined forces for a robust awareness campaign featuring videos, giveaways and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. 

To learn more please check out my link below, remember the giveaway wont be starting until July