Developed by a New York-based dentist, Bruce Golden, D.D.S., Vitaminpaste® Kids have been clinically shown to deliver vitamins and minerals in a delicious bubble gum-flavored toothpaste that children love. Vitaminpaste® Kids provide at least 50%of Vitamins D, E, B3, B5, and B6 when brushing as directed. 

“Being a dentist for over 30 years, I frequently had the thought that tooth brushing could be about more than cleaning teeth,” says Dr. Golden. “Of course, daily cleansing is vital to tooth and gum health, but it occurred to me that we could take it a step further. Why not add vitamins into the routine? Since it can sometimes be difficult to get children to eat their vegetables and fruits, the act of brushing could be a great way to help supplement their vitamin intake.” 

According to Dr. Golden, toothpaste developed for children has traditionally focused on artificial coloring and flavors and parents have learned to shop for the products that feature sparkles and cartoon characters, but he explains, there is more to it than appealing to kids. “I challenged myself to develop a multitasking toothpaste. Tooth decay continues to be an ongoing problem in kids, along with vitamin deficiencies. I looked at the whole picture and developed Vitaminpaste Kids to be used as a dietary supplement that you can brush your teeth with and is safe to swallow. In addition, I did not add fluoride because a dietary supplement cannot contain drugs and I am concerned that children may be getting over-fluoridated.” 

Parents are almost always in teaching mode. It is the primary way children learn about themselves and their world. While parents routinely teach their children to brush their teeth, now there is a great new way to turn brushing into a daily wellness routine that serves double duty. Vitaminpaste® has launched Vitaminpaste® Kids, a multivitamin toothpaste for children four years old and up. Brushing three times daily delivers at least 50% of essential vitamins, has added calcium, and is fluoride-free.

So I had the chance to try this toothpaste with my boys.  I have to say I am impressed.  When I heard about the vitamins I kept thinking oh geez this is going to taste horrible I'm going to get sick when I try it.  I was so wrong, it tasted just like any other tooth paste I used!!  I know some of you are trying to figure out how do you get your vitamin intake when using this toothpaste? 

Well I'm no expert but a few years ago I had to take B12 supplements.  My doctor had me take the sublingual ones under my tongue.  He explained it better absorbs into my system that way.  I'm assuming this toothpaste works the same way.

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