BFF Bright Fairy Friends

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

A few weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend moved in together.  Which is so exciting, but what makes it even more exciting is she has a daughter!  My first niece!!!!  I love my sons and my nephews, but for the first time ever I have a reason to go dress and doll shopping.  And she is just the sweetest little girl ever.  If anyone knows of a super cute vintage looking tea set let us know, we can't wait to have our first fancy tea party.

And I get to Christmas shop for a little girl this year!  My hubby already warned me he is watching my credit care usage lol.  

So this is a whole new shopping experience for me.  I came across BFF Bright Fairy Friends!  And oh my goodness are these cute!

The series includes 12 dolls.  They are now available on Amazon and at retailers. Each comes with rainbow light up wings, a motion activated twinkling fairy jar and fairy surprises that can easily be shared with real life BFFs. Children can get to know all of the BFFs by following along on their adventures on the BFF Bright Fairy Friends YouTube channel!

Ummm Fairies and YouTube, could they be anymore perfect!  I checked out the YouTube videos before I let my niece watch and I have to say I'm really impressed!  They are short enough to hold little ones attention and they have a great message.  Riley's fairy has bright purple hair that she LOVES!  The little dress was so cute and she couldn't wait to open her  surprises!  What little kid doesn't love surprises?  And I convinced her at night when we put her back into the jar she comes to life to make YouTube videos!  The jar has a switch on the bottom to make it light up, she thought this was the Fairies making the videos.  She couldn't wait to watch the videos and see her fairy!

And if you go to their page you can find out even more about your new BFF.  We got Nina.



 The quiet and reserved Nina is constantly in her fairy jar reading about far-off fairy lands or new scientific discoveries made in the Enchanted Forest. She surrounds herself with the words and portraits of the great fairy scientists and authors she admires. Her love of learning endears her to all her BFFs and is quite handy when they need help building or fixing a mess.

 Hobby: Learning 

 Favorite Color: Purple

YES PLEASE!  A Fairy that loves to  learn, Riley who is only 4 asked what science was.  I told her a little bit and she told me she now likes science too.  Not only are Bright Fairy Friends fun, but they also promote little girls to love learning!

I can see these being the next big toy.  They promote imagination, learning and have a magical feel to them.