JaneCare PampHer CARE Kit

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review I was not paid to write this review. 

My boys and I had a lot of time to bond this summer.  It was extra long due to schools shutting down early last year.  And we couldn't go a lot of places.  That is okay though because the boys and I discovered with a little imagination our backyard could be anything we wanted it to be.  This summer I fought dragons, traveled to other worlds and even went fairy hunting.  I taught both my boys to cook, they now make dinner once a week.  We had our best year yet in our garden and we did so many crafts.  Here is the thing though, my boys are 9 and 12....  I am not lol.  I'm tired, it has been a long fun summer, but I'm ready for the slower pace the school year brings.  I'm ready for my "mom days"  Today I was looking longingly at my leggings.  My family doesn't know this, but I do my all the house work Saturday-Thursday... Friday is my day!  Besides taking care of my pets, I just be lazy.  There is bubble baths, nail painting, sitting on the couch in my leggings watching Hallmark, reading uninterrupted and so much!  And I even have a secret food stash, don't tell the boys they will eat all my goodies.

Mom day is my day to rejuvenate and take care of me.  JaneCare offers CARE kits  to help Pamper yourself, or even to give the gift of Pampering to another!  I can so see myself gifting one of these to my mom.

I personally was able to review the PampHer kit.

PampHer Care is just what someone needs to feel pampered. Unwind, relax, rejuvenate, and recharge with bath bombs, body butter, and a stress-relief roll-on essential oil blend. Our Forever Succulent will brighten someone's day and the  will remind them someone cares. Our JaneCare daily meditation cards are also included. Perfect for a caregiver, parent, teacher, first responder, birthday gift or just because you CARE. 


 8 CARE Card Deck with Daily Affirm, Meditation, and Reflection This 8 card deck gives you daily inspiration, action ideas, and end of day contemplations. Designed by JaneCare to infuse positivity and gratitude into all of your days. 

Forever Succulent Our Forever Succulent never needs water or sun but always looks fresh and cheery. Perfectly adds a decorative feel to any room. It's an evergreen reminder that someone cares! 

 Manna Kadar Sea Minerals Body Butter Pomegranate, 400 ml Sea Minerals Body Butter with Dead Sea Minerals wraps you in a layer of moisture, keeping dry skin hydrated and looking healthy. Manna Kadar Sea Minerals Champagne 

Bath Bombs Dropping one of these champagne essential oil-infused bath bombs into bath water adds relaxation, aroma and self-care to anyone's day. Includes 4 Manna Kadar Bath Fizzes. Rose 

Quartz Stone necklace on a cord This crystal rose quartz gemstone rests gently on a vegan cord. Handmade with love by the Stone Muse, this necklace is designed to lower stress and tension and encourage heart healing CARE.

 Woolzies Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll On, 10 ml Woolzies Stress Relief Oil Blend is designed to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. The blend has a calming, earthy, minty aroma and includes lavender oil, rose oil, vetiver, ylang-ylang oil, bergamot, chamomile & frankincense oil. Use this for luxuriating, relaxing, and recharging. These blends can be gently inhaled, infused and applied topically.

Whether its a self gift or a gift to someone else, a JaneCare kit should be at the top of everyone's list!