NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner’s Circle

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Several  years ago my husband took our boys to their first race.  I remember there was so much excitement before hand.  It was nothing compared to how excited they were afterwards.  They gave me every detail they could remember about the race and even got out their little cars to reenact it for me.  At some point in time I giggled and told them in all their excitement they forgot sunblock! Their faces were sunburned.  My youngest looked at me and said very seriously "No mom the cars went that fast we got wind burned!"  It is like our race day joke now.  Needless to say the action and fast cars was enough to have my boys addicted.  Quinn is one of those  kids  that likes to reenact what he sees.  Now I don't mean he gets into my car and speeds down the road (his feet dont reach yet lol),but he does like to get out his little cars.  When I heard about the NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner's Circle I just knew he had to have it.

The NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner’s Circle will bring the excitement of NASCAR home with this one of a kind “Roval” track. With cars that break apart upon impact, players must race around steep turns at insane speeds and pass their competition or risk getting wrecked. The set even comes with a Winner’s Circle that really spins! The Road Course with Winner’s Circle comes with two motorized race cars, two flash chargers, pit crew figurines and more. It is recommended for ages 5+. NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner's Circle will be available in September on Amazon, bundled with an additional 2-car collector pack.

Race, Wreck & Rebuild! 

Combines high-speed racing and crashing action 

Includes 2 extra Electric Powered Vehicles (4 cars total!) 

Huge Track – over 14 feet of double-wide track snaps into over 6 feet of assembled Road Coarse race track 

Winner’s Circle – cars spin on the Winner’s Circle! 

Insane Speed and Epic Crashes - flash charge your vehicles in 10 seconds or less. 

Pieces easily snap back together for continuous racing action 

 Compatible with other Crash Circuit and Crash Racers track sets and vehicles 

Includes 1 Track Set (19 pieces), 1 Winner’s Circle Stand, 1 Winner’s Circle Backdrop, 4 Electric Powered Vehicles, 4 Flash Chargers, 6 Driver and Pit Crew Figurines, 1 Trophy, 6 Track Billboards, 6 Crash Barrels, 6 Crash Cones and 1 Label Sheet

Quinn loves it!  The cars come apart upon impact and at the end we all need to clap as his spins the winner in the Winner Circle.