The Crayola tradition

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own.

I celebrated my first Christmas in 1987.  I was only a few months old, so other than what I seen in photos I do not remember it.  But in those photos there was art supplies, included in that supplies was a box of Crayola Crayons.  Back then we didn't have much money so the box was small, and I was only 7 months old so I'm unsure what my parents thought I was going to do with them lol.  To be fair there is photos of my mom tracing my hands and feet with said crayons so they were used :).  The reason I bring this up is because this started a tradition in my family.  My parents always encouraged my siblings and I to be creative.  To think outside of the box and make beautiful things.  Every year there was Crayola products under our Christmas tree.  Through the years the products changed, we got markers, crayons, paints and so much more.  My sister was still little when the make your own crayon set came out.  She would take all our stubs and make new fun rainbow colors.  We weren't just given the gift of art supplies, we were given the gift to use our imagination.  My boys are going to be 10 and 13 this holiday season and a life time tradition lives on.  Each year (even when they were only a month old that first Christmas) I have gotten them something from Crayola.  And each year I have watched them make art and use their imagination.  I've watched them created little worlds and creatures.  I watched the awe in their face the first time they realized mixing colors could make a whole new color!  And I've seen the pride on their face when the presented a particular product they worked extra hard on.  I love that Crayola grows with them and that no matter what age I can give them the gift of creativity through Crayola!

As with previous year  Crayola doesn't disappoint this holiday season!  I was able to review 2 gifts for my boys and a super fun stocking stuffer:

As I said above my oldest son is going to be turn 13 (November 1st), I needed something a little more challenging for him this year.  So I requested the Crayola Space Science kit.  

This science craft kit for kids includes 9 Planet Hemispheres, 1 Sun Hemisphere, 6 Color Washable Paint Strips, 1 Paint Brush, 1 Sticker Sheet, 1 9" x 13" Galaxy Poster, Double-Sided Tape and a Learning Guide.  Kids will learn about planets, stars, meteors and more as they paint each planet and mount them on the giant 3ft mounting poster.  Kids will enjoy crafting their very own Solar System and proudly displaying it in their room!  

I love that the planets are sized to show just how much bigger some planets are then others.  And I also love that even though you can paint the planets realistically you can also make them fun and whacky if you want.

Next I picked an item for Quinn.  What you need to know about  my Quinn is his loves to create.  This year due to everything going on I had to pack him an indoor recess bag for school.  Stuff that only he would touch.  I packed a small game and 2 little toys, but the rest was all art stuff.  Paper, Crayons, stickers and more.  My Quinn is happiest when his little hands are making art.  With that said I knew I had to get him something that would help encourage that creative streak.  Which is why I picked Spin And Spiral Art Station

 My family has come to love his homemade cards every year and I feel like the Spin and Spiral art station is going to put a whole new SPIN on those homemade cards! 

 This fun kit for kids includes 3 Spiro gears, 6 Pip-Squeaks markers, 3 ink bottles, 15 paper discs, 1 base unit, and instructions. 

 2-in-1 spiral art and spin art crafts for kids. Use spiral and spin art sides together or separately! 

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: Kid powered art that's easy to create! KEEP THE FUN GOING: Cut out the center of paper plates to be used as disc refills. This set works with any Pip-Squeak markers. As a refill option for the included ink bottles, mix Crayola washable paint and water to desired consistency. 

I love that it is kid powered, keeping his little hands busy and his mind working.  Knowing my Quinn I'll be refilling the paint and paper within a day!  

Last, but not least was the stocking stuffer.  In my house stockings are not as fun as the gifts under the tree.  Most of the items are a bit more practical like  tooth brushes, deodorant and so on.  I do like to throw in a few fun items too!  This year I'm excited to be able to add the Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free activity Pad.  Now this isn't the first time I got one of these pads for my boys.  They are life savers in the car!   Like many parents the car is a place of dread.  The bickering in the backset is enough to drive me crazy.  And if I give them something to play with it always turns into a mess.  Yes that green stain in my back seat is the time I thought slime would be a good way to keep them busy.  With the Color Wonder pads though I don't need to worry about that.  The colors only show up on the special paper!  Yes you read that right!  It doesn't show up on clothing, hands and car seats.  Only on the paper.  I have a feeling whom ever invited this has had several mishaps of their own lol.  

We got the Baby Shark pad, but they are so many others to choose from.  From Princess, Trolls and so much more

I was able to review 3 products, but there is so many more to choose from!  They really do have something for all ages.

I cannot stress enough the importance of letting kids explore and be creative.  As parents we should encourage this and give them the tools they need.  To us it may just seem like scribbles on a paper, but to them it is learning to think outside the box.  It is learning to be creative and to use their imagination to make beautiful things.  A box of crayons can be the first step in understanding that their little hands are capable of doing so much.  

To learn more and see all the products Crayola has to offer please see my link below: