I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

When I was a little girl my grandmother had a huge snow globe collection.  I remember starting at the first one and shaking it, then quickly moving down the line to shake them all and watch all the snow fall down on the little scenes inside.  Some of them even had music and my favorite had a train that went around the outside.  In my mind I was glimpsing Christmas magic in those globes.  I think as some of us grow up we stop seeing the Christmas magic.  Not because it is no longer there, but because we stop looking for it in the little things.  Looking back at old photos of myself I can see the awe in my eyes as I stared at those snow globes.

Several years ago I gave my boys a pair of HOLIDAY SPECS.  And much to my delight I got to see the same look of awe come over their faces.  I got the witness the moment they saw a little bit of that Christmas magic I so dearly felt all those years ago!

What are HOLIDAY SPECS you may be asking?

Holiday Specs glasses have holographic lenses that are perfect for viewing all Christmas lights. Thanks to this special holographic lenses all you have to do is look at holiday lights (With your glasses of course) and tada you will see a fun image! It can be snowmen, reindeer, Santa, snowflakes, elves, teddy bears, trees, gifts, stars, candy canes, angels and even gingerbread men. 

 It is so much fun seeing Christmas lights become 3D into hallmark Christmas icons. The 3D Christmas Glasses are perfect for adults and children that love to have fun and can be given away at parties as party favors. If you want to bring a smile to the face of friends and family, give them a pair of 3D glasses and share the fun! We didn't hang out our lights yet, but I made sure to get one set out so my boys could see the "Christmas Magic" first hand. They claim this year when we drive around looking at all the decorated houses they are taking their glasses so they can see for themselves all the magic. Now we got to review the Christmas Specs they have them for all the holidays. These can be enjoyed year round and turn any party into a whole lot of fun!

We travel quite a bit during the holidays.  Lots of loved ones to go see.  The car trips can get tedious for the boys.  Now the bring their glasses for the trip and go "Christmas Light hunting"  You can always tell when the see one because the back seat comes to life with excitement!

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