Lugz Men's Express Oxford Sneakers

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

My husband is a shoe snob.  I can wear almost anything.  Obviously I like quality shoes, but I've been known to buy the occasional 99cent flip flops.  Now something you should also know is that after wearing them 99cent flip flops I'll cry to anyone who will listen how bad my feet and lower back hurt.  Its like a sick game though.  Every year I know I'm going to be in pain, yet I still get those rotten shoes.  Now my hubby, whoms living depends on his body being in working shape tends to only go for quality shoes.  He spends 8 hours a day lifting heavy items and on his feet.  He doesn't tempt fate.  Several years ago I convinced him to try on a pair of Lugz.....  It has been a love story ever since.  He only gets him self 2 pairs of shoes a year.  One for summer and a nice pair of high quality sneakers for everything else.  Plus he has a nice dress pair I got him that have been worn twice in the past 15 years....  Not that I'm bitter lol

Why does he loves Lugz you may be wondering?  

Lugz Men's Express Oxford Sneakers

Delivering heritage Lugz styling, make your look an instant classic with the Men’s Express sneaker. The perfect blend of classic and cool, this retro-inspired athletic sneaker features a casual upper with perforated detailing, speed hooks and classic Lugz hardware.

My husband loves the padded feel when he puts these shoes on.  He says it takes away some of the impact when he gets off and on the equipment at work.  The shoes are thick as well, providing even more of a cushy walk.  They are really high quality.  He wears his shoes hard and even though its that time of the year again (his birthday) when I get him new shoes he could still get a lot more wear out of his old Lugz.  The sleek/sporty look makes them perfect to wear for any occasion.  He not only wears them to work, but also when we go to dinner too.  I also like the metal eyelets for the laces.  It gives them a classic look.

    They pass his weather test.  My hubby is always cold and he claims their is nothing worse then having your feet be cold.  The Express Oxford Sneakers keep his feet nice and toast all day.  

And finally they provide him all the support he needs.  Unlike me and my cheap shoes he doesn't complain about foots or lower back pain.

I know I was able to review a pair of mens shoes, but Lugz offers something for everyone!  Kids, men and women.  And with so many styles choices everyone is sure to find something they love.