Merry Woofmas

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

My absolute favorite part of my gift guide is the pet section!  My pup is my best friend.  He doesn't ask me for anything, yet gives so much.  He is happiest when he is with me and no matter what his love for me is constant.  He is my first hello each morning and my last good night, each night.  When another pet gets sick he is the one up with me all night taking care of them.  Besides my pups I've had pet rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and chickens.  Loki has been a gentle giant with each of them.  I'm not sure how much they like the baths and love he has given them, but he devotes so much of his heart to each and every little life that he comes across.  Before my rats passed they thought he was the best!  Several times I joked with my hubby that they were his pets and I was just the bringer of food.  Giving him a gift at the holidays can in no way repay the endless gift of love he has given in his life, but if ever someone deserved a Merry Christmas it is him!

So first lets cover one of Loki's favorite things.   FOOD!

My pup can eat.  At my kiddos baseball games the concession stand workers always ask if the hot dog is for me or Loki (he doesn't get a bun).  When I make dinner I always make a little extra for him, especially on hamburger night.  And when we go to my moms for dinner she sends something home for him.  He just loves his food and everyone who knows him knows it.  And the little stinker is picky, I got him food once he didn't like and you would have thought I offered him poison.  He wouldn't even walk by his food dish!  He gave it a 4 foot radius.  Needless to say I never purchased that brand again.

With that being said meal and snack time is very serious business to my Loki.  Which is why I love the products below:

Loving Pets' Bella® Roma Travel Bowls + Travel Double Diners are the ultimate bowl for pets and pet-parents on-the-go!

 Patent pending designs feature integrated locking lids to store food and built in legs to support the bowl/diner, which prevents unwanted collapses while your pet is feeding or drinking. While collapsed down, they are flat to easily put in a bag or purse. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, Bellas Roma Travel Collection can pack flat, or be hung from a backpack, purse, belt loop or even leash with the included carabiner.

We go on hikes and Loki goes with me everywhere I can take him.  Like us our pets do get hungry and thirsty when they are out and about.  The Bell Roma Travel Bowls makes it so easy for me to feed and water him on the go.  Plus they collapse making them really easy to put into my purse.

Next up we have the Bella Spill Proof Pet Mat 

Bone-shaped Bella Spill-Proof Dog Mats stylishly prevents splashes and retains spills. Bella Spill-Proof Dog Mats have raised edges for maximum spill capacity, a slip-resistant, bone-embossed surface, and anti-skid feet to prevent slips, slides, noise and floor damage. Non-toxic, BPA-free and quality tested. For both indoor and outdoor use. Cleans easily, just rinse with water.

Just like a Lego a piece of dog food hurts when you step on it!  Like almost say a bad word kind of hurt. This mat prevents dog food from going all over my kitchen floor.  It contains any spills to a nice easy to clean area.  Saving me both time and pain.  

So now that we have a place to put the food lets talk about how we can enhance the food.  

Brilliant Salmon Oil from Hofseth BioCare ASA is the freshest fish oil available in the pet market, completely free for additives. 

Brilliant is a pure, unrefined and gently liberated product derived from fresh Norwegian Atlantic Salmon. Only one ingredient, salmon oil. Created for both dogs and cats, heart-healthy Brilliant Salmon Oil gives pets glossy fur, softer paws, increased energy and enhanced appetite. Retailers and distributors will love Brilliant because of its incredibly high margins and it’s two convenient bottle sizes: 10 oz. and 34 oz.

Remember how I told you earlier Loki can be a little picky with his food?  I thought for sure he would put his nose up to this one.  I'm not a fish eater so any sort of fish smell grosses me out.  Not only did Loki LOVE it, he wolfed down his food in record time.  I like that pump that comes on the bottle. I can put some one his food without every accidently spilling it on myself.

Okay okay last but not least I want to talk about the yummy treats Loki was able to try.  I say yummy, because as I typed this post I had the treats next to me on my desk so I could read the packing for this review.  Loki has not taken his eyes off of them the entire time.  He has that desperate look in his eyes and I swear if he could talk he would be saying "my precious."

Like I said above when I make dinner Loki always gets some.  I don't give him certain parts of the dinner (dessert, bread ect.), but he always gets the doggy version.  My dog is use to good tasting food.  When I get him treats I always try to get him ones that look and smell really good!  

When I opened his bags of treats from Loving Pets I was amazed at how good they smells!  He was able to review the Roast Beef And Cheddar and Pastrami.  It smelled as if I had the real deal right there in my kitchen.  Loki, whom was sleeping on my bed at the time, came walking out to the kitchen with his nose in the air trying to find where this scent was coming from.  I ended up having to give him 4 that first time!  It was LOVE at first taste.

Deli-Licious® Deli Style Dog Treats 

They are meaty and delicious USA-made dog treats available in classic New York deli flavors like pastrami, roast beef with cheddar and corned beef. Crafted with care in small batches, these treats are made using beef as the main ingredient. 

 Soft chew = good for dogs of all ages 

 Wheat, corn, and soy free 

 No artificial colors or preservatives 

 3 unique shapes make each very distinct

UP next is 

Stewart® Pro-Treats® Stewart® Bacon Pop-Its® Freeze-Dried Dog Treats 

Made by MiracleCorp, they are a 100% Made in the USA treat line and the only treat with USDA certified bacon as the first ingredient. As the newest addition within the trusted Stewart Pro-Treat line, Stewart’s Bacon Pop-Its Treats offer dogs more protein, fewer ingredients, less calories, and NO artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy.

They have several flavors including

Bacon Pop-ITS Bacon and cheese recipe

Bacon Pop-ITS Bacon Cheeseburger recipe

So we covered several food items above, that make the perfect gift for my pup.  The next product I want to talk about is for both my pup and I.  With everything going on in the world I no longer feel comfortable taking Loki everywhere with me.  Everyone loves him and I don't have the heart to tell people they cannot pet him when they come over for a Loki cuddle.  Sadly with the virus that is effecting the whole world I'm scared of both my pup and family getting sick.  I can just put hand sanitizer on my hands, but what can I do to keep him safe?  

Absorbine® Pet™'s new SaniPet™ Antiseptic Spray has answered the call.

 By launching a pet-safe, convenient and highly effective antiseptic coat spray with strong margins and merchandising solutions to drive revenue for retailers. SaniPet offers a daily use peace of mind solution for pet-parents who regularly take their pet outdoors on a walk, live in urban areas, and interact with pet services like veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, day cares, etc. - SaniPet is the perfect gift for pet owners AND pet lovers alike. Key benefits of SaniPet coat spray include: Antiseptic formula kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that pets track into the home, car or office from daily exposure to other pets, people and environments Approved for daily / frequent use Alcohol-free with soothing aloe 360-degree, no mess directional spray nozzle bottle design Great product-solution for protecting pets and promoting healthy environments such as your home (#1), and for daily use after walks, visits to pet stores, grooming salons, day camps, boarding resorts, and restaurants, and on planes, trains, and more.

Alright so you figured out my pup is spoiled.  We live in on two beautiful acres of land.  He has his run of the land, but.... He LOVES people.  So several times a week (Weather permitting) I take him for a walk around our local park.  Everyone loves Loki, he is yet to meet a stranger.   Loki is a big boy though and sometimes he doesn't understand he cannot run at someone 100 miles per hour.  I need to have some control over him until he can calm down a bit.  Which is why I love The Hamilton® Go Boldly™ Collection by MiracleCorp.  It gives me the control I need, but provides cushion in all the places he needs so he doesn't hurt himself when he pulls.

The Hamilton® Go Boldly™ Collection by MiracleCorp is the newest assortment of nylon designed pet collar, harness and leashes. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts or pet-parents looking to upgrade their pet's style for daily walks or on the go lifestyle, Hamilton's new Go Boldly collection of leashes, collars and more is also the perfect stocking stuffer or perfect gift for pet lovers on your list. All items feature a rustic, herringbone weave in attractive two-toned color combos. The "Riverbend" and "Campfire" are festive holiday color combos. 

The product assortment includes: 

 Adjustable Collars 

 Martingale Collars 

 Norwgian Harness