UNiTE Food Bars

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

By 1030 this morning I already fed 13 animals and cleaned out a coop.  I made my boys breakfast, packed their lunches and took them to  school.  I went grocery shopping, put away all the groceries and stopped at the bank.  I cleaned 2 rooms (my youngest sons birthday was yesterday, we had family over, so the cleaning took a bit longer than normal) and I started a load of wash.  And I'm  no where near done for the day.  No complaints though I love my life, even on days when I'm so busy I don't get much time to myself. Sadly though on those days my energy starts to run out.  I'm not so young anymore lol!  By 1030 I'm tired and I need something to hold me over until lunch and give me a boost of energy.  And I'm not a coffee drinker so caffeine is out of the question.  Thanks to UNiTE Food bars I now have a quick tasty way to replenish my energy and keep me going until midday meal.

What is UNiTE Food Bars you maybe wondering?

UNiTE Food Bars are the world’s first globally inspired protein bar. It comes in three varieties packed with tasty wholesome ingredients such as nut butters and hemp seeds. The churro includes almonds, vanilla, and toffee bits dusted with cinnamon; the Mexican hot chocolate contains hints of cinnamon and warm chili; and the PB and jelly consists of peanut butter with strawberry jam bits. They also are gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free.

They taste amazing!  I eat a lot of protein bars and most times one or two can be found in my purse.  I have 2 growing boys, I always need some sort of substances in my bag lol.  As someone whom has tried several brands and flavors I can safely say not all protein bars are created equal.  I think that can be said about all food though.  UNiTE Food Bars happen to be at the top of my list for protein bars though!  The flavors are so good and taste like the food they claim!  The texture is obviously different then eating the actual thing, but the flavor is perfect!  And of course not everyone likes the same flavor, which is why I'm excited UNiTE offers a few of them.  I love the Mexican Hot chocolate, my boys do not.  They love the churro bars, I personally don't.  And everyone loves the PJ and Jelly ones.  When my hubby ate the last of those I thought my boys were going to start a riot lol!!

If you are shopping for a new brand of protein bars, I highly recommend UNiTE Food Bars.  They are full of flavor and give you that much needed boost of energy.  And the texture is thick and chewy.  I have no cons what so ever.... Well okay maybe one, they are so good I hardly get any, because my boys and hubby gobble them all up 😉!