#UnderTheBarnyardLight #ad

 I was given a copy of this book for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

I read a lot.  I always have a book tucked into my purse and it is nothing for me to be reading 4 books at a time. 

I passed this  love of reading onto my boys.  My hubby dreads stops to the book store!  My boys I can tell also plan to pass the love of reading on.  

On January 21st my little nephew was born.  My youngest son has been collect picture books this past year because he couldn't wait to read to him.  And of course he had to practice reading said books, so each night I would listen to him read.  It was cute seeing him using different voices and pretty much mimicking the way I read to him.  At times if I was to busy to sit down with him he would grab a stuffed animal and practice with them.  My little nephew may only be a few days old, but he is already so very loved.

Recently Quinn and I discovered a new book Under the Barnyard Light.

**Under the glow of the soft barnyard light ... Even in the dark of the winter, the animals need to be fed. Step into the magical world of a young girl on a farm full of small wonders. Beneath the barnyard light, feed warm milk to the calves, catch snowflakes on your tongue, and give a kiss to Dandy the horse.**

They story is beautifully written and highlights the love between a little girl and her pets.  She especial loves her horse Dandy.  The illustrations in this story are stunning!  Each filled with color and so much detail.  Quinn and I would spend a minute on each page just looking at the illustrations!  

I think my favorite part is the love the sweet girl in this story shows each of her animals.  I myself have 8 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 hamster, a gerbil and a pet rat. Each of them, even the chickens, have big personalities and love attention.  I love that this book highlights being respectful to animals.

Under The Barnyard Light is a must have for all children libraries.  Even though my boys are a bit older, they are still excited to read it to their little cousin!  It is such a beautiful story and I'm excited to see them share it with him.