Last summer was kind of a bummer.  The boys and I tried to do lots of things at home to make up for not being able to do our normal summer activities, but it just wasn't the same.  When they went back to school it was almost like we had  non-summer.  This year we decided we are going to have an EPIC summer, to make up for last year.

One of the things we are really looking forward to is Hersheypark!  Last year was the first time in my entire life that I didn't go to Hersheypark.  And even though I only missed one year so much has changed!  There is 3 new restaurant and even a chocolate town!
Hersheypark doesn't just have regular rides, it also has an entire water park and even a zoo.  With so many restaurants to choose from no one will leave hungry.
Not to mention the newest ride Candymonium.
 Candymonium coaster is the tallest, fastest, longest, and sweetest coaster in Hersheypark. From the distinctive Hershey’s candy theme to the memorable thrills around every turn, they’ve masterfully assembled the finest ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind Bolliger & Mabillard hyper coaster.

The boys and I cannot wait for our visit!  To learn more and purchase your own tickets please see my link below: