Hersheypark the sweetest place on Earth!

 I was given tickets for my family to enjoy the park in exchange for this post.

Last year was the first time I can remember not going to Hersheypark!  It just didn't feel like summer without our annual Hersheypark trip.  The boys and I swore this summer was going to be epic,  making up for everything we missed last year.

I have to say we were really surprised when we got there.  So much has changed, at first I wasn't sure if I liked the change.  After being there for a few minutes though I realized everything flowed much better!  And it was kind of like visiting a new park! When you first walk in you are greeted by the all new chocolate town.  It is like the ultimate Hershey shopping  experience.  The boys were upset I wouldn't  let them shop right away, but I didn't want to carry our stuff around all day.  Also there is 3 new places to eat! Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor and The Sweeterie Confectionery Kitchen and their all new full service restaurant and bar, The Chocolatier.  The wait for The Chocolatier is a bit long, but if you give the hostess your number you can go enjoy the park and they call you when your table is ready. 

    And did I mention the brand new GINORMOUS coaster the Candymonium. 

I only missed one year and there have been so many amazing changes!  Don't worry though all your favorites are still there too!  Whether it is spinning on the teacups, zooming on the coasters or relaxing in the wave pool Hersheypark has something for everyone in the family!

Oh and don't forget to visit  Chocolate World before you leave!  We always end our fun filled day with Chocolate World :)

To learn more and see all the amazing rides please see my link below: