Starling Skincare All-Natural Kid’s Products

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

My Quinn is now 10 years old.  Over the years we have struggled with his skin.  At one point in time I had a shoe box full of medicate creams for him.  One for his hands, one for his face, one for his eyelids and everywhere else you could imagine.  I also had multiplies.  For example if his face was just red I used one lotion if his face was blistered and had honey colored discharge I used a different one.  Eventually I had enough.  There had to be a better way.  A lot of those cream had steroids and other unhealthy things in them.  After doing a lot of research and a lot of trial and error I discovered the more natural the products Quinn uses, the less his skin breaks out!  I even started to make my own soaps so I could know 100% what was going on my sons skin.  

Besides a bug bite that got a little out of control (the doctor said that could happen to any kid though, so it wasn't because of Quinn's skin issues) Quinn hasn't had to use his creams in over 2 years now!  

And one of my favorite companies now has a kids line,


 Kids Starter Set includes Starlings best selling Birthday Cake kid's deodorant, Fresh Cleanser, plus a Hydrating Lip Balm. They wanted to make sure kids have all of the necessary personal care and skincare products they need everyday to stay safe, clean and smelling fresh! These products are all formulated to be gentle enough for your tweens and teens to use. The deodorant is made with no aluminum or synthetic fragrances, and it gets the job done. The scent is hand-crafted and natural. Sweetly reminiscent of a Vanilla Birthday Cake.

Quinn smells good and.... NO BREAKOUTS.  When he uses the deodorant he even claims his armpits feel softer.  I love my son, but I draw the line at rubbing his armpit to see if it feels soft.  So we will have to take his word for it.  He smells good and looks clean.

These product gets a huge thumbs up from both Quinn and I.  If you have a kiddo with skin issues trust me when I say I understand the struggle.  Every time Quinn tries something new I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack not knowing how his skin is going to react.  My advice is do your research, choose products that don't use harsh chemicals.  There is better choices out there, STARLING skincare offers several products that you can feel good about your kiddo using.