For Keeps doll line

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this post

Great ready parents, because the new hottest toy is about to take over.  For Keeps doll line isn't just a toy, but a statement about positive messages.

For Keeps includes lots of fun accessories including headbands, necklaces, bangles, handbags, laptops, cellphones, and a boombox. Each character has a secret message tee with powerful messages like “YOU ARE LOVED”, “YOU CAN DO IT”, and “YOU ARE AWESOME”. Kids can change outfits and shoes, and swap them between characters! Also included is a For Keeps memento: an autographed picture hidden away inside the packaging uncovering an fun look into your dolls personal life.

 If you want to pose your character, you can: For Keeps is articulated, and includes a translucent stand for maximum posing.

Each For Keeps™ fashion doll includes the Cupcake Keepsake.  Wondering what that is?  The Cupcake has secret notes for little ones to share with family, friends or even just keep for themselves.

Each doll comes with 20 affirmations cupcake notes that double as stickers, just peel and stick! Just gently twist the top off the Cupcake Keepsake™, place an affirmation inside, twist the top back on to secure your message, hand the Cupcake Keepsake™ to your friend, loved one or family member, and watch their eyes light up with joy after opening and receiving your affirmation! 

I love this new toy line and can see every little girl having it on their Christmas list!