Laundry Sauce

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

So I need to make a confession.  Don't judge me.... When it comes to doing the laundry I tend to grab girly smelling detergent.  Which would be fine, except I'm the only girl in the house and my hubby and boys are tired of smelling like lavender, summer oasis and whatever other girly smell I happen to find!!  Here is the thing though, there isn't to many other scents!  I would be totally fine with smelling like sandalwood, pine or even mint.  Heck my son has a body spray scented as "Victory" and I'm not 100% sure what "victory" smells like, but I would be okay smelling like it lol.

Several days ago I was contacted by the Laundry Sauce company and asked to do a review.  And guess what?  The Laundry Sauce company offers detergent that doesn't make everyone in my house smell like a field of flowers!!  They offer two Fresh Scents, Australian Sandalwood and Siberian Pine.  And even though those scents sound "masculine" I myself really like them and have washed my clothing using them.  When I did my first load of wash with them my hubby told  me no more lavender we are using these for now on!

  I personally was able to review the Laundry Sauce Australian Sandalwood pods.

Taking its cues from the land down under, this dark blend of exotic woods is rich, warm and mysterious. Unique, patented Woodleather combines with Virginia Cedarwood to layer on a dark woodiness, white Alaskan Cedarwood adds a crisp of freshness. Deep amber, smooth suede and soft musk leaves a powerful impression of confident clean.

I love that they have a long lasting scent that isn't over powering. My hubby works hard at work and his clothing get that "smell" Laundry Sauce's Australian Sandalwood pods got that musky smell out no problem!  And the clothing came clean.  I was worried I was going to have to exchange "clean" for "scent," that so wasn't the case. Our clothing smells and looks good

 The pods can be used in any machine.  Laundry Sauce gets my clothing super clean, but are still gentle.  And at 1 pod per load I can do my laundry for $1 a day.  And there is no artificial dyes!

I have to say the Miller household is very impressed.  With the holiday right around the corner this is the perfect gift for those guys who like my boys are tired of smelling like flower and other girly scents :)