The Bubble Tree bubbles

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are  my own

There are few classic toys and games that no matter what generation will never get old.  And no matter what age I think most people will say at some point in time they played with them;  Crayons, Slinkys, checkers, chalk, hopscotch and so many more.  One of my favorite classics is Bubbles.  Something so simple that can provide hours of fun.

I didn't think it was possible, but Bubbles have officially gotten better.  No I don't mean we now have mutant bubbles floating around (because come on we have all watch that episode of sponge bob and imagined what fun it would be to have a bubble buddy) no I'm talking about them becoming better for the environment.  Thanks to The Bubble Tree Bubbles we can now feel even better when enjoying the classic pastime of blowing bubbles.

To create a safer and healthier space for the kids without interrupting the fun that every kid deserves, the American Bubble Company came up with the first-ever eco-friendly sustainable bubble system that uses a non-toxic bubble solution made in the USA - The Bubble Tree. A brand dedicated to changing the way we play with bubbles forever. In addition, the refillable bubble system saves parents money by not having to repurchase a bubble wand and container when they run out the first time.

Who is The Bubble Tree company you may be wondering?

For over 70 years, bubbles have all been created equal until now. American Bubble Company and Bubble Tree's mission is to create eco-friendly, sustainable products made in the United States. Their goal is to eliminate one-time-use plastic bubble bottles that currently saturate the current market. Bubble Tree is the very first patent-pending, eco-friendly, and sustainable bubble system made in the USA. 

The original refillable bubble system features the first manufactured aluminum bubble bottle and a refill box made of corrugated, entirely recyclable. Each year, more than 300 million one-time-use plastic bubble bottles are imported to the United States. Many will contain bubble solutions from foreign countries with formulas and ingredients that often fall below the safety, sustainability, and quality levels that modern American consumers demand. Bubble Tree’s mission is to enhance bubble safety and solve plastic pollution, waste, and the overuse of one-time-use plastic bottles. Bubble Tree's packaging is made from aluminum, the most recyclable and sustainable material on earth, and 100% recyclable corrugated. By eliminating single-use plastic, they are helping the environment reduce plastic pollution. Bubble Tree Bubbles can be purchased online ( and in retailers across the country.

My review:

They work!  I know sometimes when people use different ingredients it isn't as good (yeah I'm so talking about my sisters horrible mac n cheese), but that isn't the case with The Bubble Tree company.  Had I not known they were made with a safer formula I would never have been able to guess that they were different.  The containers are more durable so I don't need to worry about excited little hands crushing it when playing.

And of course I can feel better about making a healthier choice for the economy.   I have nothing bad to say about this wonderful company and the amazing product they are offering!!