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 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  

My teenage son is getting really hard to shop for.  I ask for a Christmas list and it has like 3 things on it.  I ask him to give me more because not only do I need to shop for him, but so does my family!  Said request normal gets this response, 'I don't know, just get me stuff'....  Mom and dad I'm sorry if I was this difficult growing up lol

He is in the hard stage where he is no longer into kid things, but also isn't really into much adult stuff just yet.   He asks for gift cards and while I do get him some I like to watch him open gifts on Christmas.  

I do have to say though at 14 he is very much into his looks!  I'm not going to fib girls, I thought it was only us in high school who worried what we looked like.  Now that I have a teenage son I can tell you they were just as worried as us!!

When I discovered TOILETTREE was having a sale on their a lot of their stuff including their bundles I was excited!  They already have great prices and for my hard to shop for son I found the perfect bundle.


STAINLESS STEEL NOSE TRIMMER W/ LED LIGHT : This high-end cordless battery-operated nose trimmer with bright LED light is made of high quality steel; the light comes in handy when you need to get at those hard-to-reach and hard-to-see hairs The lightweight, but powerful, rotary cutting system allows hairs to enter the trimmer tip from the top and also from the sides, which is very helpful for stray hairs not only in the nose but also on your eyebrows, beard, and ears 

Right out of the box, you will feel the difference, precision, and quality of this trimmer; it offers a smooth trim with its stainless steel high quality blades and gives you a perfect cut every time; no painful pulled hairs 

TOILETTREE's best water-resistant design allows you to use this trimming tool in the shower and it makes clean-up afterwards quick and easy; it’s the best trimming and cutting tool you’ll ever experience from a men’s clipper product 

This nose trimmer operates on just 1 AA battery (not included), which makes it an economically affordable way to take care of the daily trimming needs of your nose, brows, and ears 

So he isn't 100% ready for this one just yet, so this one went to my hubby whoms nose hairs are kind of scary!  He was super impressed and I have to say I'm liking the new look.

 ALUMINUM CADDY WITH FOGLESS SHOWER MIRROR: Maximize space and keep your shower organized. This easy-to-install, hanging shower caddy doesn't require any drilling or hardware. Simply slip the caddy over your shower head, or hang it on the included stainless steel hook. The patented best-selling fogless shower mirror has been built into this caddy. Just slide the mirror onto the bracket and fill the back compartment with hot shower water. As long as the mirror is filled with hot water - it will never fog - EVER! Guaranteed! Adjustable bracket ensures the mirror can accommodate multiple users. Features adjustable shelves that move left and right to accommodate different sized bottles. Great for storing shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, body washes, soaps, and other bath accessories. 

Built-in hooks are perfect for hanging loofahs and razors. The open grid design prevents the occurrence of mold and mildew. Rustproof aluminum metal design ensures your caddy will look and feel new for years to come. 

This one is going to be a huge hit.  Not only does it give him more space for his 500 bottles of God knows what, but he can also see when he is washing his face.  And in a few years when he is shaving.

STAINLESS STEEL NAIL CLIPPER SET: The Stainless Steel Nail Clippers with Travel Pouch are designed with strength in mind. These nail clippers are ideal for trimming thicker fingernails or normal toenails. Comfortable handle design makes it easy to use. 

Designed to last a lifetime. Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set with Travel Pouch Comfortable designed handle for easy use. Great for trimming cuticles, hangnails, and doing manicures. Care and Cleaning: These nail clippers are 100% stainless steel and are designed to last a lifetime. After each use, the product should be cleaned to extend the use and also to avoid germs. Place some rubbing alcohol onto a tissue or use an alcohol based disinfectant wipe. Wipe the tissue or wipe along the cutting edges of the nail clipper. After cleaning, ensure that this tool is thoroughly dried and not stored while damp or in a damp location. 

SHOWER CLOCK: Now you can check the time you spend in the shower without awkwardly positioning your phone on your hanging shower caddy. This wall clock will hang neatly in your shower and lets you know when you’re running out of time. This shower clock is waterproof and is therefore perfect to be used in your bathroom or shower. The bathroom wall clock is splash-resistant, moisture-proof, and humidity-proof and is perfect for ensuring you don’t take long showers and save water. The bathroom clock features a large LCD screen with the digits on clear display so that you can check how much time you have left in the shower even from a distance! The digital clock also has a switchable time display with either the option to choose between a 12-hour AM/PM or a 24-hour clock. You can easily set an alarm on this waterproof shower clock in intervals of either 1-minute or 5-minutes. There is a progress bar that shows you how much time you have remaining for your shower. The alarm will go off once time’s up! This digital timer can easily be mounted to any surface with the included bracket with waterproof double-sided tape we provide. You can also stand the alarm clock on a table or surface with the kickstand located on the back of the clock. 

So this one is going to be a gift we can both enjoy.  Why you may ask?  Because my son spends way to long in the bathroom!  Several times we just make the bus stop because he taking forever.  With this new shower timer he can keep an eye on his time and I don't need to micromanage him in the mornings anymore!

SONIC TOOTHBRUSH WITH INDUCTIVE CHARGER: Our newest addition to our Poseidon line of at home dental products is this sleek looking Sonic Toothbrush. With 31,000 pulses per minute, your mouth will thank you! The included cradle gives you a place to not only store, but also charge your toothbrush. Includes 3 brush heads. 3 Brushing Modes – Clean, Soft and Massage. Inductive Charging Base. Store your toothbrush on the stand and it will always be fully charged. 30 Second Interval time reminds you to move to the next area of your mouth. 31,000 Sonic brush stokes per minute.

As I said my son is obsessed with his looks.  This toothbrush gets his teeth really clean and has him  feeling good about his smile :)

These are  just a few of the  many items offered on  They have something for everyone and with the great deals they have going on right now it makes them the perfect place to finish your holiday shopping