Easy Does It review

 I was given a copy of the book in this review.  All the opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit by the pool and read as my kids swim.  Here is the thing though, my kids yell for me every 10 minutes, "mom look at this" "hey mom count how long I can hold my breathe under water" "mom see who does the better dive" "mom mom  mom"!!! 

So, when I pick a pool side book it needs to be something easy to read.  I call these my relaxing pool books.  

Easy Does it fits this description

Escape to Galveston Island with the Cohen sisters in the summer of 1968. 

 Easy Does It by Brooke St. James is the first of nine full-length novels and one Christmas-themed novella (book 2.5) in her popular, multi-generational romance series, the Bank Street Stories. 

 Easy Does It introduces readers to Tess Cohen, a 23-year-old aspiring artist with dreams of painting beach scenes. She longed to leave the small town of Starks, Louisiana, and head for California to make a go of it as an artist. Instead, she compromised with her parents and decided to spend the summer of 1968 on Galveston Island with her younger sister, Abigail. 

 Once the extended summer vacation ends, Abigail would return to college in the fall and Tess would finally settle down for good in Starks. But then a chance encounter with ‘Easy’ Billy Castro changed everything. 

 Billy had a troubled past and was orphaned at the age of 16. No stranger to conflict, he’d been using his natural talent for fighting to scrape together a living collecting debts for a local gambling organization. When boxing legend Marvin Jones finds out Billy has roughed up one of his fighters, he presents him with an opportunity to turn his life around. 

 Thankfully, Tess also sees his potential, and the love that grows between them that summer will only serve as a catalyst for his drive to become a world champion boxer. 

 Brooke St. James unfolds this timeless story at a leisurely Texas pace, and Galveston Island serves as the perfect beach background in a love story that pulls out all the stops. Known for her real characters, Brooke writes clean romance novels free of angst, drama and cliff-hangers–and always offers a happy ending. 

This story is super sweet.  The plot unfolds slowly, giving you a chance to really fall in love with the characters and place.  And I like that it isn't vulgar, there is nothing more awkward then sitting at the pool and coming across an overly vulgar scene.  I always look around to make sure no one is reading over my shoulder.   It is a sweet Christian read.