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 Disclosure: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

I feel like since school ended for my kiddos it has rained every other day.  I can only play Yahtzee and bake cookies so many times!  I'm normally not one for sitting inside and watching TV.  I have 2 teenage boys; they need to be active lol.

But with the rain we haven't been left with many choices, so we have been on the hunt for a new TV series.  Recently I found one that I LOVE!  Sadly, my boys didn't like it, but that is okay!

Going Home” is a new series that follows an inspiring team of nurses who help guide patients and loved ones on the ultimate journey – one of transition from this world to their forever home. It’s a race against time as the team must help their clients find peace and wrap up loose ends with compassion and dignity.

Okay I'm not going to fib; this series is a tearjerker.  But in the best sort of way.  I personally was able to review Episode 4, but I highly recommend watching all the episodes.  I find myself falling more in love with the characters with every episode.

Episode 4


 Charley’s patience is tested when a harpist plays weekly for the residents at Sunset House. New client, Faye Hutton, who donated the reflection room in honor of her mother, arrives. Katherine also arrives for her stay at the house and Charley tries to warm up to her family with little effect. Faye is tough and insists on building a display case for Charley’s unwanted awards. Faye is concerned with who will visit her and fight over her fortune. Her son, Kenneth, arrives and insists she comes home for care and Charley witnesses a very tense conversation. Faye doesn’t trust Kenneth to make the right decisions and him having control over what remains of her life. 

Struggle between Alex and Katherine over how much she is doing and how she spends the last days with her family. Faye shares her regrets with Kenneth in hopes of mending their relationship and asks for forgiveness. Faye places her trust in God and decides to sign the papers that Kenneth wanted. Kenneth doesn’t come to visit one last time and her daughter Gwen arrives too late.

This show has a powerful message of faith, acceptance, family and forgiveness.  And Going Home is only one of many amazing shows offered by Pure Flix!  It is so easy to join