Once Upon a Book Club box

 Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

I love to read.  I am so that coworker that comes in looking like death because the night before I played the "just one more chapter" game.  You know which game I'm talking about, the one where that 1 chapter turns into 10, which then turns into just finishing the book.  Yup that is me!

 When my family asks me for Christmas gifts ideals, I always give them a list of books I want.

I'm pretty easy to shop for (and cheap lol.)  One of my favorite things is discovering new authors.  With the new subscription service Once Upon a Book Club I can do that!

Once Upon A Book Club delivers adult and young adult packages filled with books and wrapped gifts. Book Clubbers receive a newly released novel and wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers. As they read the featured book, they’re prompted only to open the gifts when they reach the specified page number.  Boxes are available as a subscription or individual boxes for gifting including the popular Bridgerton collection.

It was so much fun reading the book and being told to open a certain gift on certain pages. I was so tempted to open them early, but I'm happy I waited. It made reading more engaging and also exciting.  

The only thing I wish I could have change was I would have preferred to pick my genre.  Right now, I'm in a paranormal stage of reading and I would have loved to get a box more geared towards that genre.  But I did discover a new book, that I actually enjoyed.  So regardless I did enjoy the book and the experience! 

If you are trying to think of a fun gift for the reader in your family, def. consider the Once Upon a Book Club subscription box.