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Disclosure: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

I have to admit something personal and kind of shameful.  I at times have been guilty of questioning God's plan for me and his timing.  I think we all have been guilty of doing this.  I learned over the years Savannah's timing and Savannah's plans don't always match Gods.  I'm Savannah by the way in case you didn't know lol.

The thing is at 35 I have seen what God's timing and plans deliver.  I have seen that had I had things my way my life wouldn't have turned out as beautiful as it has.  God's timing is perfect, his plan is made with the whole picture in mind.  

Pure Flix is releasing an all-new original film called Nothing Is Impossible on October 6th.  

I feel that this film drives the point home that God has different plans for us then what we have for ourselves.  That God see the whole picture and knows that there is so much more in our life that we can have.  I was blessed to be able to watch this film a few days early and it had me in tears of joy. The main character Scott has had so many let downs.  And his life just didn't play out the way he thought it would, but God opened up an opportunity for him.  And though life didn't play out the way Scott wanted it turned out so much better.  And when we see Scott's life as a whole, we realized just how many blessing this man has had in his life.  And how many people were blessed by him.


Take a center-court seat to a journey of transformation as Scott Beck gets a second chance at life and love. Can he let go of past pains and open himself to God’s purpose? Or will new challenges keep him from the future he always hoped for?

Please join me on October 6 and enjoy Nothing Is Impossible on Pure Flix!  And while you are there enjoy all the other wholesome family friendly films and shows they offer!