I'm a Little Crabby Game Night Party #Imalittlecrabby #ExplodingKittens and #Tryazon

 Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review

The one thing the Miller's know how to do is have an epic game night!  Its all about the 4 F's: Fun, food, friends and family.  

One of our favorite games is Exploding Kittens. For year this has been a game night favorite and it wasn't until recently that I discovered this company has more than one game!!  I had no clue, until I was given the chance to review, I'm a Little Crabby and Throw Throw Avocado!

I’m A Little Crabby is a game of secret hand signals, suspicious friends, and hidden identities. Pick a partner and establish a secret signal, then collect a set of four matching cards. Once you get a matching set, try to tell your partner by using your secret signal. Be careful - if your opponents intercept your signal first, you lose a point. Hide everything and suspect everyone in this game of secret signals.

Okay this game is so much fun!  I thought it would be a bit immature, but after playing for just a few minutes everyone was laughing.  I love that it can be enjoyed by so many different age groups.  My 12-year-old son had just as much fun as my 50+ dad.  And its a game that even when you lose it is fun.  My mom was the worst at trying to give a secret hand single.  Every time she was caught!!    

The game is super easy to learn and a pretty quick game.  We ended up playing several rounds.  Oh, and it is just as fun with a smaller group as it is a larger group.