Won't you be my Friend?

This page is dedicated to you Rocky

This was my shelter dog.  I love you Rocky.  This is in memory of you.

Remember a dog is a life time responsibility.  They need love and care.  Adopting or deciding to be a pet owner is not a decision you should make lightly.  But if you are ready for a pet and ready to take that step in making a life long friend who will always love you even if your having a really bad hair day or if your clothes don't match, a friend who will get excited just because you are home even if you only been gone for 5 minutes, a friend who will sleep at your feet at night and not care if you snore,  a friend who will eat your burnt dinner and act as if it taste amazing, a friend who will love you just because your you....  If you are ready for that friend Then please consider adopting.
Shelter dogs need you.  They need a friend because to often they don't get a happy ending!  So please if you can be that friend, consider adopting!!


My Rocky was adopted and I knew from the moment I saw him he was mine!  I remember him looking like the saddest thing I ever seen.  The look of sadness in his eyes broke my heart!  I made a silent promise to make the rest of his life happy.  To give him love, a home and a family.  I adopted Rocky in March of 2006 my dad paid his adoption fees as part of my B-day gift.  I was a senior in high school when Rocky came into my life, I have photos at my house of me in my graduation gown hugging Rocky.  He was my best friend.  
I always felt bad though when I would leave him home alone, so I soon got him a little sister Lucy my lab.  Rocky loved her and I remember when she was a puppy Rocky watched out for her always making sure she stayed close by.
  Soon after this my husband and I moved into our home.  Lucy and Rocky loved our new house.  We have 2 acres of land my dogs LOVE running around and playing fetch.  Rocky came a long way from the shelter dog with the sad eyes.  
In November of 2007 I had Brandon Jr.  I remember the day I brought him home Rocky had no clue what to think of this tiny human.  He would watch me feed him and care for him and Rocky knew this was the newest member of our family.  Every night Rocky would sleep close to the crib, protecting this newest member.  Then we got Emma my beagle and even though she got on Rocky's nerves he loved her.  (Even if she did steal his treats!)  Rocky spent his days playing with Brandon Jr. going for walks and just enjoying life.  In 2010 I had Quinn and Rocky again accepted this new member into our family.  He loved both my boys and they love him. 
Rocky use to rip open Christmas presents he would literally dig the paper right off of them trying to get to his gifts...  In December of 2011 he didn't seem to even notice them.  The dog who once tipped my kitchen table in pursuit of a ball now just looked at his gifts like they were nothing.  In January of 2012 I had a horrible cold.  I remember getting up late at night to get a glass of water and I heard Rocky breathing heavy I turned on my lights and looked at him.  Something was wrong his nose was running and he just seemed off.  I convinced myself he had caught my cold...  The alternative wasn't something I was ready to deal with...  I laid with Rocky and just pet him that night.  I think I stayed up to 4am with my friend.   I went to bed with a very heavy heart.  The next day January 12, 2012 Rocky was sitting in my hall and I remember looking at him and his eyes had that sad far away look.  Soon after Rocky began to vomit.  I called my vet and had him an appointment that night.  I didn't want to take the kids so my hubby took Rocky.  Right before they left my hubby took him up on the hill to use the bathroom.  It was where he played fetch and hid his bones.  Where so many memories were made.  I stood on my porch and just watched him.  It was the last time I seen my Rocky alive.  My husband took him to the vet and it turned out he had lymphoid cancer.  The vet called my house and told me we should put him down right away that he was in a lot of pain.  I sat in complete horror knowing I would never get to say good bye.  I just lost my best friend, he lived with me at my parents house.  Was with me during both my pregnancies.  Rocky my dog who followed me from room to room just so he could be near me.  Who would lay for hours with his head on my lap.  Who no matter what I looked like loved just because I was me.  The first member of my family.  
I buried my sweet Rocky on that hill.  I go to his grave everyday and tell him every day I love him.  
I lost a huge piece of my heart on January 12, 2012.
That first day at that shelter I made a silent promise to make the rest of his life happy.  To give him love, a home and a family.  But the truth is no matter what I gave Rocky he gave me so much more.
I miss you Rocky and I love you.