SafeHands Alcohol-free hand sanitizer review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

SafeHands Alcohol-free hand sanitizer review 

This post is part of my Back-To-School guide!

School means a lot of things to me as a mom.  I get some me time which is very rare and I normally spend it doing housework.  I also get to be proud of my little ones and their efforts in school.  There is also the bad, I have to deal with the fact I'm sending my little ones away for a good portion of the day, I have to deal with not being there to help them, we can't just pick up and go do something fun, I have to get up super early and put them to bed early and finally my little ones come into contact with GERMS!

My oldest started kindergarten last year and he came off the bus one day and told me the little boy he sits with threw up everywhere.  I said well that is horrible lets hurry up and wash your hands...  He said why it was in the morning not on the way home.  Horror settled in and the next day I got the phone call from the nurse that my little ones was of course sick and needed to come home.

I explained germs to him and how to avoid getting sick.  But its hard when they are one a bus and don't have access to running water and soap.

This year will be different thanks to SafeHands my little guy will now be ready for these Germy situations :)

About the company:

SafeHands was founded by doctors who are industry leaders in hand hygiene and disease prevention, Dr. Jay Reubens, founder & CEO of Safe Hands and inventor of the ubiquitous touch-free dispenser, and David Dyer, Chief Scientist of safeHands . 

The FDA recognizes alcohol-based products AND alcohol-free Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) in concentrations of .13% killing 99.9% of germs after one use. BAC is safeHands proprietary active ingredient and has been used safely and effectively in eye drops, nose sprays, mouthwashes for frequent use for more than 60 years. 

 Many kids have sensitive skin, and SafeHands is perfect for them. This alcohol-free hand sanitizer is tough on germs and soft on skin. The rich, exclusive formula of every safeHands bottle moisturizes and preserves the natural oils in skin so your hands feel great all day long. SafeHands is non-toxic and non flammable.

As I'm sure most parents know telling all this to a kid will just get you a strange look.  I can explain all the benefits until I'm blue in the face and it will most likely go into one ear and out the other.   That was until I mentioned it smelled like Bubble-gum :)  At that both my kids looked at me as if I were about to give them each a gold nugget.  And they both suddenly started asking me what was in the bottle?  As if suddenly it held all life's answers. lol

And I wasn't fibbing SafeHands was pretty smart when they made the sanitizer scented.  The quickest way to get my little guys to use hygiene product is to tell them they smell like something they love.  And with scents like Bubble-gum, cool blue, cucumber mint and Tooty fruity I'm sure you know my boys instantly feel in love.

Now with their undivided attention I explained that I'm going to place a bottle in each of their bags this year.  That they can use it whenever they need to.  And if someone is sick next to them on the bus they DEF. need to use it.

The smaller bottles are perfect for their book-bags.  We go to a lot of baseball games and I swear some-days I think my kiddos hold their bathroom until we reach a nasty porter-potty.  So it was nice to have them handy for then too. 

I was able to review 2 sized bottles as you see in the photo.  They come in size 1.75,7 and 18 OZ.
They also come in the 3 scents I mentioned for kids and they also have clean linen and fragrance free.

Parents we already have enough worries during the school year!  We worry about grades, friends, if they are safe, bullying and so much more!  Lets take away some of the stress and keep little ones safe from germs this school year with SafeHands!
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