2014 Back-To-School Gift Guide

2014 Back-To-School Guide

 Get ready parents its that time of year when Back-To-School shopping and preparation is in full swing!  The Simply Me Blog wants to help make this time a bit easier, by sharing great companies, deals, tips and ideas with you!
If you are interested in learning more or are interested in being part of the Back-To-School guide please feel free to contact me:

Never get your kiddo's items mixed up again when they are labeled with Lovable Labels!  Click here to read my post and all about their July deal!! 

Getting a heartfelt card is one of the best feelings in the world.  Knowing someone went out of their way to brighten your day is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face.  I have so many Hallmark traditions already and I have a feeling that Back-To-School cards are going to be a new tradition. Click here to read more!!

My oldest is a picky eater so he hardly ever ate school lunches.  Most of the time we were packers. And his biggest request was Peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches.This year I've decided my kiddo is going to have the best PB&J ever and I made HOMEMADE Black Raspberry Jam!  To read the recipe please click here 

DormCo is the leading retailer for college dorm essentials!  AKA "The College Dorm Supplies Superstore."    Dorm Co has everything a college student could want and NEED!  To learn more click HERE

Their company has been around since 1989 providing schools with essential name brand items.  The stuff on their site is teacher requested.  So you know you will have exactly what you need.  Or should I say you know your child will have the "Write Stuff" :) Click here to learn more 

Stewie Boomstein Starts School is about dealing with the fear of the unknown that many children feel on their first day of school and how parents can help turn this often new and kinda scary time into an exciting journey and familial bonding experience. Click here to learn more.

Scotch Duct Tape. I'm not sure if you know this, but they have some really awesome patterned Duct Tape! Not only do they have patterns, but they also have characters, colors and holiday tapes.  Click here to learn more! 

The “Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management” is a weekly planner with pages that line up with the index on a subject-by-subject basis, creating an easy and natural method for students to record and review their weekly schedules. The planner includes space to enter after-school activities and weekend commitments so that students can schedule their homework during “available” blocks of time.  Click HERE to learn more.

TwinXLTheir sheets are made to fit these longer "twin" beds that are normally found in dorm rooms. Not only do they sell the sheets, but they also sell pillows, comforters, bed skirts, pads, blankets, mattress, towels and more! Click HERE to learn more.

SafeHands Many kids have sensitive skin, and SafeHands is perfect for them. This alcohol-free hand sanitizer is tough on germs and soft on skin. The rich, exclusive formula of every safeHands bottle moisturizes and preserves the natural oils in skin so your hands feel great all day long. SafeHands is non-toxic and non flammable. Click HERE to read more.

CLick here to read this post! Lots of tips to save money when back to school shopping

 Friendship thoughts, famous quotes, and a Journal that I really began to think about my friends and just how lucky I am to have made so many connections in my life. Click here to learn more.
 They are a super cute store that personalizes every day items such as cards, calendars, invites, note cards, note pads and so much more. Click HERE to read more.

Frecklebox specializes in personalized children items.  

Things such as puzzles, coloring books, notebooks, folders, binders, lunchboxes, bookmarks, 
place-mats, wrapping paper, growth charts and so much!!  Click HERE to learn more