Frecklebox review and #SummerSweeping giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in any way to write this review all opinions are my own.

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Frecklebox review and giveaway

My kiddos love anything with their name on it.  As a mom I have to say I love it too.  I have refereed the "MINE" fight so many times that I have to say if I ever hear the word again I may go crazy....  Well crazier :)

  Nothing makes a kid feel more special then to see their name written on their favorite items.  And it does put an end to the "MINE" screaming.  I mean it is hard to claim something that has the other persons name on it!

Another huge plus to having your child's name on their items is they wont get mixed up with other kids.  I'm by no means rich when my kiddos get something they know to take care of it and not lose it.  I can't really watch them at school so its nice to have their name on their belongings so if it gets lost or mixed up with another students your child's name will be there :).  Ensuring it gets returned.
 When choosing a personalized gift for kids it is important to remember 1 simple thing....  It has to be fun :)  Kids love fun designs and characters.  I'm sure you know that a dinosaur, monster, sports, cars, trucks and/or superhero is always sure to go over well with little ones.  

Now I know I said its important to remember one thing, but the truth is there is 2.  When buying anything you want to make sure its good quality and you are getting your money's worth.
That is why I am in love with Frecklebox!  Not only are their items fun for kiddos, but they are high quality and made to last :)

Frecklebox specializes in personalized children items.  
Things such as puzzles, coloring books, notebooks, folders, binders, lunchboxes, bookmarks, 
place-mats, wrapping paper, growth charts and so much!!  

I was able to personally review 2 customized gifts for kids a notepad and a lunchbox!

The site itself is super easy to use.  Lots of tabs and drop down menus to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  After you click on what you are looking for you are taking to the design page, where you and your little one can look at all the fun designs and pick which one is perfect for you.
  Customizing my items took only a moment.  I love that I am also able to "Preview" before adding to the cart.

I was able to review an item with Quinn and Brandon.  Brandon already has a Frecklebox lunch box.  And it has been the most amazing lunchbox ever.   So amazing that poor Quinn spent the last year being envious.  I knew beyond a doubt that I had to get Quinn a lunchbox for his first year of preschool and I also knew it just had to be a Frecklebox Lunch box :) 
We reviewed one of their personalized lunch boxes I told my Quinn to pick a few and in the end we would limit it down to which one he liked best.

  By the time he was done picking we had 10 screens opened.  At this point and time I knew we had our work cut out for us.  Frecklebox just offers so many amazing choices it really is tough to choice one!  It the end my little guy picked the dinosaur.

I love how cute the design is and that he was able to get his name of the front.  Teachers have 20+ kids in the class it can get tough making sure everyone grabs the right lunch.  Having a name on the outside makes it a bit easier.
Another super cute feature is the chalk board under the lid!  As I said before Brandon has this same lunch box and LOVED going to lunch and seeing what fun photo or message I left for him.  I loved knowing that he looked forward to it and it became a game for us.  I would wait until he wasn't around and draw or write something fun or silly and he would ask me at the bus stop and I would tell him "Nope you have to wait until lunch to see!" 

 There is a lot of room inside so I don't have to worry about his lunch not fitting.   The lunchbox is metal so not only is it durable I don't have to worry about his lunch getting smooshed. 

Next we were able to review one of the  personalized school notebook.  My kids school is pretty big on labeling stuff.  I guess there have been a lot of times when things got mixed up and became a pain to sort out again.
  Labeling for me is horrible!  Not only is my handwriting horrendous, but I just couldn't imagine buying brand new stuff and writing on it!  So of course I was excited I could purchase a notebook with his name already on it.  
Not only don't I have to write it myself, I also have the peace of mind knowing I didn't ruin a new item with my horrible writing :)!
My son chose the Monsters notebook.  This like everything else is only one of many designs that you are able to choose!

I'm very impressed with everything I got from Frecklebox!  All my items are high quality and I can tell they are going to last us a very long time.  As I said earlier the 2 items I reviewed are only 2 of many!  And the designs I choose don't even begin to cover all the fun and cute designs available!  

Going Back-To-School can be stressful for little ones.  Let Frecklebox help take away some of the stress and send them to school with fun lovable items!  That is sure to put a smile on their face year round!

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