The Write Stuff review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Last year Brandon Jr started his first year of all day school.  I was mailed a huge packet of Kindergarten registration forms, an invite to see the school and even a paper telling me a list of items my little guy would need.  I was scared, but I felt prepared.

Fast forward one year to first grade and nothing!  No packet, not list of needed items, I don't even know the 1st grade teacher's names!  In a sense I feel as if I was thrown to the wolves and left to find my own way.
Well maybe its not that bad, but still I feel at a complete lost on what my little guy needs for this year of school.  I don't want to buy stuff he isn't going to need its a waste of my money and I also don't want to send him to school without the essentials!
After some thought I decided that somewhere out there, there just has to be a site that has this all figured out.  So to google I went on a mission.
That is how I found the Write Stuff!  

Their company has been around since 1989 providing schools with essential name brand items.  The stuff on their site is teacher requested.  So you know you will have exactly what you need.  Or should I say you know your child will have the "Write Stuff" :)

I want to talk a bit more about the program and why parents everywhere are going to fall in love.
*First off its going to save us time.  No more running to the store and going from shop to shop hoping we got everything.
*It saves us money.  The Write Stuff delivers your supplies right to your door.  No gas money, no baby sitter and no getting items you don't need.

* It takes away a bit of Back-To-School stress.  
Since the teachers are the ones creating the lists you know it will have everything.   
*The kit is filled with high quality items.  Write Stuff fills your kit with name brand items such as Elmer, Crayola and sharpie.
You can still customize your kit on the site.  So if you feel there is something else you want to add you can.  
Kits can be shipped to your home or your school.

There is a few ways you can use the site.  The first way is enter your school or city and state.  This way you can see if you school submitted a list and you can order a already put together kit.  And don't forget as I already said this kit is still customize-able you can change it however you want.
Now I didn't look up my school.  I did a sample school.  To show you how easy it is to use....  Without giving away to much personal information about myself.
Step one look up your school:

After you search for your school you will be taking to their page, where you can pick your child's grade.

After the grade is chosen you will be taking to the kit specifically personalized for that school and grade.  As you can see in the photo below there are plus and minus so I can change w/e I want in the kit. 

There is a chance your school may not be part of the Write Stuff program don't worry if that is the case you can still shop yourself and build your own kit.  

Time to show off my awesome kit!  As you can see below it included:

3 folders, 2 notebook, loose paper, tissues, note-cards, markers, crayons, glue (Sticks and paste), pencils, pencil box, highlighter, dry erase marker, scissors, pens, an eraser and a ruler. 
I know you can see from the photo that they were name-brand products that we all know and love! 
Everything my little one could possible need to make this school year a success.  
They really do think of everything!  I'm one of those moms that don't get tissues until I need them.  I'm sure we all know how tough it is to go to the store with a sick little one.  I love that Write Stuff included a box!  They truly have it all covered :)
Write Stuff saves us time, money and stress.  They are a wonderful company that wants to make things easier for both parents and teachers.  Their site is easy to use, their product are top quality and your little one is sure to have all the essentials when shopping at Write Stuff!

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