VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet educational learning cartridges review and giveaway

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 VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet educational learning cartridges

A few weeks ago I was able to review a VTech InnoTab Max, my boys instantly fell in love.  As did I when I realized just how much fun and educational it is.
Recently I was contacted to review 2 new learning cartridges.  I instantly agreed since I was already beyond impressed so far.

        Parents can extend the play value of their VTech toys by purchasing new Learning Cartridges for InnoTab Learning Tablets.
        A range of educational cartridges are available, offering age-appropriate games, e-Books and more that allow children to progressively learn key subjects such as math, reading and science in steady stages.
       Interactive e-Books teach reading and vocabulary, while creative activities and camera fun inspire children’s imaginations.
        The cartridges are compatible with all current InnoTab models and will also work with new models that will be released later this year, including the InnoTab MAX, its fastest Wi-Fi tablet yet and its first to feature Android™ learning content.

The first cartridge I was sent was:
InnoTab Learn to Write with Cody & Cora learning cartridge 

(Ages 3-6 years;) - Go on learning adventures with Cody the Smart Cub and Cora the Smart Cub in Learn to Write with Cody & Cora for InnoTab. 
Read the e-book about an adventure Cody and Cora take while writing and spelling words. Learn and develop handwriting skills with 11 activities and games. Help Cody and Cora prepare cards with letters on them to play a variety of card games. Remember cards in a fun memory game. Play the Number Hunt game by finishing a sequence with the correct card. Match pairs of cards together in a fun matching game. Choose the card that doesn’t match in the Which is Different? game. Reveal a hidden clue and match it to several choices. Navigate through a fun maze. Draw a path on one side of the screen that mirrors the path on the other. Help Cody pick the right path to follow to find Cora. Play What is it? by drawing part of an object, then figure out what it could be. Create several drawings and start them in motion to create fun animations. Then, take pictures using the InnoTab® built-in camera and decorate the photos with Cody and Cora frames and stickers.

My review:
My youngest is in pre-school and my oldest is in first grade.  I would say it was more geared towards my youngest since it helped to teach skills that my 7 year old already knows. The game was fun enough that it held my son's attention, but at the same time it provided a fun challenge that he was unable to put down.
I love that it teaches kids to write letters and rewards them for doing it.  My little guy is going to be 4 soon and these are all skill he has been learning lately.  Cody and Cora make learning these skills stress-free and fun.  
The Learn to write with Cody and Cora really helps with motor skills, recognizing letters and learning to write them and also is fun and interactive. 

Next up I was able to review:

InnoTab® Go! Go! Smart Wheels Busy Day in Alphabet Town learning cartridge (Ages 2-5 years) 

- It’s a busy day in Alphabet Town and the residents have a lot to do in the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Busy Day in Alphabet Town game for InnoTab. Join Casey the Car, Paul the Police Car, Frank the Fire Truck and Cyrus the Cement Mixer as they take you on adventures! Match letters with Casey in the mechanic’s shop. Help Paul examine clues and find missing letters. Listen to letter sounds and help Frank rescue the kittens from the tree. Put on your hard hat and help Cyrus build roads while practicing handwriting skills. Then put yourself in the driver’s seat with Photo Fun using the InnoTab® built-in camera. Plus, read all about the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® adventure in the interactive e-book that includes a story dictionary. Learn about letters, numbers, handwriting, vocabulary and more while exploring the big city of Alphabet Town!

My review:
My son LOVES it!  There is so much to do and so much to learn, he could sit down for long periods of time and not get bored.  It is great practiced for both letters and handwriting.  My soon to be 4 year old struggled a bit with reading (e-book), but that is when my 7 year old would step in and help him.  The Busy day in Alphabet Town is not only fun and educational, but the activities are really engaging and hold kids attention.
There are different games and each practices a different skill.  The fact that the game is car based really excited my son and he loved working on the cars in Casey mechanic's shop and then being able to drive around town looking for clues!
Go! Go! Smart Wheels Busy Day in Alphabet Town is fun interactive and sure to hold little ones attention while helping them learn.

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