Chilling with dad on Father's day, sporting my new Dearfoams

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Chilling with dad on Father's day, sporting my new Dearfoams

If you checked out my post yesterday This Father's Day Give Dad The Gift of Comfort you will see I am giving my dad a super comfy pair of Dearfoarms slippers.  Now being the brat that I am, I didn't want my dad to be the only one comfortable during our Father's Day movie....  So of course I requested a pair for myself.
I'm already a huge Dearfoams fan.  I have several pairs, most of them are enclosed though.  So I consider them more for winter time.  I was excited when I was offered a pair from the Spring collection.  They still offer all the comfort that my winter slippers have, but now they are more opened and let my feet breath during these hot months.
I personally chose to review the Terry Cloth Flip-Flip with Multi-knit Design.  
With every pair of Dearfoams I own, I can't say enough about the comfort!  They have this cushion foam inside that makes every step softer.  My oldest always says it is like walking on little pillows :).
Not only do they offer comfort, but the hard bottoms make walking both indoor and outdoors enjoyable.
I like to eat breakfast on my porch sometimes, it is nice to just be able to walk out without having to locate my shoes.
They are cute, as you can see above, so it is a slipper that I don't mind wearing in front of guest.  We always have someone over for movies, games or dinner.  It is nice not to be embarrassed by my slippers.

I like how easily they slid on.  Sometimes I have to jump out of bed and battle monsters in my boys closet.  Everyone knows that when a monster attack is underway you don't have time to mess with straps and laces!  I need to get there fast!  So the easy slid on feature is a HUGE plus :)!
And yes dear readers, I have fought and conquered several monsters over the years...
And a super pesty toilet beast (Please don't' ask, lol)

The 2 pairs I reviewed on just a few of the choices, Dearfoams have so my styles and designs to choose from there is something for everyone.
The have opened toe, closed front, mesh pull overs and so much more. 
They have a great price and the slippers are super durable!  

If you want to learn more or see all they have to offer please see my link below: