End of the Summer Farewell Summer party Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

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End of the Summer Farewell Summer party Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

I hate you Summer I really and truly do.  I dread you all year, you bring heat, bugs, allergy issues, sun burn and bee stings.
The only good thing about you is cooking out on the grill!  Nothing taste better then BBQ'ed chicken or yummy grilled corn.

Okay I'm done complaining about Summer now, but it is the truth!  I adore Winter I love my Winter clothing, my fluffy scarfs, drinking hot chocolate and cuddling up in front of a fire place.
The only things I miss about summer is my boys being home and my hubby cooking on the grill.
See he thinks he is a grill master, so he tends to cook at least twice a week in the summer!
Less cooking for me and plus I LOVE BBQ'ed chicken.
Being the "Grill Master" that he is he likes to have tools to show off to his buddies.
And what could be more sleek than a set of Stainless Steel BBQ tool?
I recently got him a set from Cave Tool and we are so impressed! 

 They are Stainless steel from top to bottom.
First off they are heavy duty, I really think it would be impossible to destruct them.  I read on their site they are 20% thicker then other stainless steal tools.  This is great since it prevents them from bending.  Plus it will save me money in the long run, I have a feeling it will be a very very long time until I need to replace them.
Next I noticed they are dish washer safe.  This works for me since my hubby likes to cook not clean!  I lay them sideways on the lower rack and that is it!  No work for me :)

My hubby commented that they are big enough for thick pieces of meat. 

 He told me this is great for flipping stuffed burgers.  Normally the meat goes over the edge and ruins them.  Since they have a bigger surface that isn't a issue.
He also like the teeth edge of the spatula, he uses this to cut into certain meats to make sure they are done all the way.
The Spatula also has a bottle opener.  So thumbs up for having multi functionality
The longer handle prevents him from getting to close to the heat.  You have no clue how many times my "Grill Master" burnt his arm for using to small of a tool.

And finally we love the hang-able edges.  It makes it nice to put away.
Overall they are attractive, durable, makes grilling easier and offered at a great price.
We just had our finally cook out over the weekend (At least I hope I'm so over this heat) and everyone complimented his set.  It was kind of adorable seeing my hubby show them off!

The next time you want to impress your family and friends at a cook out just bring a set of Cave Tools Stainless steal tools.  Everyone is sure to envious!

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