Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rufus chilling on his new Wash'n Zip Pet Bed GIVEAWAY my mom bought me a dog bed that’s actually EASY TO CLEAN!

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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You may remember me from such posts as The World According to Rufus and An Ode from Rufus mom left her blog up on the computer so I thought I would take some time to fill you in on my life.
Well my rash came back... I know there is a "that's what she said joke in there somewhere!"  Well it is an allergy rash you weirdos!  Mom has me pills again and she keeps spraying my butt with coconut oil!  The woman has no morals, and she put me on a special diet!!  Doesn't she know that wont cure this rash!
Jekyll and I are buddies again, I sat on her so I guess we are even now.  I have my eye on her though.
My boys both had a birthday!  I of course helped myself to a piece of the cake and got yelled at.  Someone needs to teach my humans manners they need to learn to share.
I found something green in the yard, I didn't want to lose it.  Sooo I ate it, mom started to gag and hurried and called the vet!
It resulted in dad watching all my bowl movements until it came back.  I still didn't want to lose it, so I attempted to re-eat it.  Dad made that loud clapping nose and stomped his feet at me!  
He needs angry management.   
The UPS, FEDEX and mailman have attempted many break ins this past month.  Mom tells me to hush it is Christmas gifts.  I am on to them though, I know they want to steal my bones.

They are trying to be our buddies so they can steal our bones when we least expect it!  One of them really tried to butter me up and brought a new pet bed!
It is pretty comfy....  REALLY comfy actually.
It is the Wash' n Zip Pet bed.  You see Emma isn't as fancy as me and she tends to get stinky.   Yes, yes I know I am the one who takes trash into our pen, and the one who eat weird green things....  And the one who likes to roll around in unmentionables...  But yes it is def. Emma that stinks!
Worse yet she brings the stinkiness onto our bed!  How dare she?
Mom tries so hard to get the smell out, but our current bed isn't washer friendly.  When mom seen the new Wash' n Zip bed she was so happy.  Cleaning our bed is now as easy as putting it into the wash and tada just like new!
I like the softness it is great for cuddling :)
You can even unzip it and add extra cushion comfort padding!!  To really up the comfort. Mom said this is a good thing, doesn't she know the mail man can hide things in there to spy on me and my bone collection??
Hmmm it is so very comfortable though, maybe it is worth the risk.
Hmmm bones....  Well I better get going and double check no one found my bone collection!  
Rufus :)

We did get an all new Wash' n Zip bed!  I love that it is so easy to clean and remove unwanted pet odors.  There is 4 colors to choose from, each of them is really soft and make the perfect bed for pets.

   And they come in several sizes.  Meaning you can get whichever size is perfect for your fur babies. 

I love that I can unzip it almost all the way!  3 sides open, making it possible to open up and cover a large area such as a car seat or even on the couch.

Emma and Rufus have been snuggling up together and even Jekyll jumps in on the fun some times.  She has been watching Rufus though the little goof ball really did sit on her a few weeks ago.

We have a vet appointment in a few weeks I so plan on washing this and using it in my back seat to keep some of the hair out of my car.  We only washed it once so far, when it was done it came out smelling and looking brand new.  And everything was in tack!  NO lose threads or broken zipper.
Rufus has a skin condition, it only acts up sometimes.  The best thing I can do for my little guy is keep him and his stuff clean.  The Wash' n Zip bedding makes that easier then ever before.

TO learn more and see all the colors they offer check out my link below:

Today one lucky Simply Me reader has the chance to win a XS, S or M bed from themselves.  You must live in the continental USA and be 18+

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  1. I have a Pug who is about to have her birthday and loves going by-by.

  2. I would love to win this for my 2 1/2 year old dog, Ohana. Her dad was Chocolate Lab, and her mom was a Shepherd and Beagle mix, but she looks just like a Yellow Lab! She is a big, silly dog whom my family loves!

  3. My mom's little terrier mutt would love to cuddle up on this!

  4. My mom's little terrier mutt would love to cuddle up on this!

  5. I have two German Shepard mixes and they would absolutely love to have one of these. Their names are Bullet and King.

  6. My Pet Peeve (LOL) is non-washable dog beds! The Wash and Zip would be perfect for my little fosters

  7. my 14 year old springer spaniel would love this bed

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  11. I have a lhasa apso who would love this bed.

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  14. My puppy...well, she is a dog now! haha She is such a sweet dog, she is a chocolate lab, and her name is Brandy. I love her so very much! She definitely deserves to have a comfy bed. God bless and Happy Holidays everyone!

  15. I have a big puppy named Bear, he is a German Shepherd/Chow mix and he's a little over a year old. And then there is my rescue baby, he is Chihuahua/Pom mix and he is 4 months old. They love to sleep together, so one large one would be enough for both of them. <3

  16. My Beau is the most lovable Dog with the my Soulful eyes I've ever come across. She always sleeps curled up like when she was a puppy. She is adorable. She would love this bed.

  17. We are getting a new puppy on December 20 so this would be perfect!

  18. I have 3 rescue dogs from our 2 local shelter. They are all 7 years old mixes. GS mix Abbie,Max a pointer mix and Maddie our Basset Lab mix we just love our fur babies.

  19. I would love to win this for Bella, she's a 5 year old malteese I rescued from a puppy mill when they were caught by police. Bella is a precious baby with a miserable life, she is allergic to just about everything, including grass. She takes monthly allergie shots but still itches all the time, she will scratch until she bleeds, so she's usually covered with sores. She's been a little trooper through it all, the vet loves her and has kept her at his home to see how she itches. She's my baby!

  20. This would be for my granddog Kona who loves me as I give her treat and buy her all kinds of neat toys and she looks forward to my visits yearly.

  21. This would be for my dogs Artie and Kouga. We adopted both of them and are so blessed to share our home with them.

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  23. I have a 7 month old baby we adopted from the Humane Society that is so adorable and would love this bed.

    Desiree Dunbar

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  25. I have a mixed breed dog that would love this bed.

  26. This would be for my new adopted buddy, Dewey Waggles. He's a former hunting dog who was terrified of everything when he came to live with us in April. He is learning to be a pampered pet instead of a tool and I would love to give him a cushy bed.

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