The Path To God

Dear Readers my life has been turned upside down, twisted inside out and torn to pieces this past year!
I dealt with depression, anxiety, fear and feeling defeated .  And I came close to ending my own life, I hit rock bottom.
It wasn't until I gave it all up to God that I started to heal.  When I stopped trying to be the "fixer" and left God take control.  He was always in control, I just for some reason kept trying to tear the wheel from his hands.
I am still a work in progress, but for once I am on the right path.  I don't fear my next step because I know God is taking it with  me.

Over the years you have seen so much on my blog you will still see my reviews, recipes and crazy family stories.  Now though you will also get to walk with me in my journey of being healed.

I understand if a few of you need to leave, I get it.  But if you are reading this post and feel moved, know I am writing it for you.
Hoping telling my story will give you hope.
To see more about my story you can read this post
If you are on that edge and thinking what can I do?  How can I take that first step??
It is easy ask God!  He will show you, he will guide you and he will do it with love.
If you need extra help find a local Church it will be filled with people who know God's love and most of whom are willing to help you.  To help you fill your life and heart with the word of God.
Some other great things you can try is a Celebrate Recovery Group or a LifeTree Cafe.

My path to God was a twisted, go in circles, hang upside down and fall down a few rabbit holes path!!  I am here though and every day I get closer to him <3 You can too.

These two little boys are my inspiration