Precious Moments You Are A Child Of God

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
Precious Moments You Are A Child Of God
I remember the day both of my boys were baptized.  I stood in front of the Church and all my loved ones in the pews.  I with my hubby held our boys (Different times Quinn is quite a bit younger than Brandon) and together we watched as the pastor blessed our children.  We both made our vows that day to our kiddos, our loved ones and God that we would raise them knowing God's love.
I take my vows to heart, if I give my word I keep it.  I made very few in my life.  One to my hubby the day we were married, 2 to my boys to always be the best mom I could be and to raise them knowing God's love, one to my pups to never abandon them and to always love them and one to God that I will spend my life time seeking to get closer to him.
I have kept each and every vow I made, even the one to my pups, I have to admit though it was a little tougher to love Loki the day he fractured my nose lol.  But I do keep my vows so standing there the day my boys were Baptized and saying those words out-loud had real meaning to me.  I looked into their sweet little eyes and created a memory out of that day.  One that would last me my entire life.  
It only seems right to in some way memorialize that day?  Which is why I adore the Precious Moments You Are A Child Of God figurine

When a precious baby joins God's family, it is a blessed event indeed. These commemorative porcelain crosses have a space on the back to personalize with baby's name and christening date.
The designs and colors are stunning.  Every little detail is perfect.
If you had the chance to read my first Precious Moments post you will know that growing up my mom had quite the collection.  And that each figurine had a story behind it.  I use to love picking them up and asking her to tell me the story and what it meant.  With my boys we started our own collection.  Each with a story and just like when I was little my boys will carry a figurine over to me and ask me to tell them its story.  Now these are NOT made up stories they are memories.....  They are our Precious Moments.
Now that we added the You Are A Child of God Figurine I have another story I can tell my boys.  And it is about the day I promised to give them the greatest gift of all, and that is the knowledge of God's love.