Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

So I don't want to brag, but I so finished in 2nd place this year for my fantasy football league!!  I know, I know I am the best lol
Even though my team isn't going to the Super Bowl I still look forward to this day each year.  The reason is I get to hang out with my family and eat great food.  Bust on my brother for the Dolphins having yet again another bad year, tease my hubby about his obsession with with the Cowboys and make fun of my brother in law for not knowing the difference between offence and defense.  (In case you didn't know I am kind of the family instigator) 

One thing though the whole family can agree is the food is always good here is a few recipes with have used in the past:

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Now these are some of our favorite hot snacks.  Of course we have chips, pretzels, cookies, crackers. ect...  They all change from year to year, but one thing you can always count on is pickles!!
For those of you going huh?  You have to realize my mom is a pickle freak.
Forth of July 2008 we forgot to get pickles for our annual cook out.  The woman whined about it for 2 hours!  And she only stopped because my dad caved in and ran to the store for her.  I love the woman, but even I felt like bopping her on the head with a pickle jar that day lol

I can't complain to much though, because of my mom they are one of the things I have look forward to over the years as well and thanks toVlasic Pickles I can now enjoy them like never before!

Vlasic Dill Pickles are a delicious, low calorie snack with no fat and only one-gram of carbohydrates, but unlimited crunchy satisfaction. Pickles are a great alternative to high calorie potato chips that will still satisfy that salty craving. Vlasic Pickles are high in probiotics and contain antioxidants, which help promote good health. In a food culture that is pushing for increased vegetable consumption, it is also important to remember that just one pickle spear equals approximately 1/4 cup of vegetables!!
And the new flavors are amazing! 
Tabasco Spears, Salsa Blend Stackers and Dill Spears

They are good to eat just so or even in a recipe.  I am going to beg my mom to let me share her secret pasta salad recipe the uses pickles (Don't get to excited though she wont even share it with my brother soon to be wife!!)

No matter how you eat them, there is no denying that Vlasic Pickles are crunchtastic!